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Y&R-Do you think The writers will have a change of heart about Sabrina?

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    It's possible, but It won't be right now. The fact that fans didn't like her (I actually love her) is the whole problem. Its the writers own fault for getting her with involved with Victor so quickly. I think the fact that the character was causing such an uproar with Victor's fans (Someone so established and an Icon of the show) is what caused the problem. Chloe, pressure wouldn't be as bad because Cane hasn't been there as long. Hey, if they could bring Taylor from the B&B back, they can bring anyone back. Maybe they will act like Sabrina died, and put her in protective custody because they think the mob was targeting her????? That could be the story for a bring back. Could you imagine her coming back with baby, right when Nikki and Victor are about to get married again!

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    The character they set her up for really did not click with the viewers or the show - they had to end the character. Maybe they will bring her back as a totally different person in a new role and complete the 3 year contract. IF they do I hope the new character does not talk in the same 4 french lines every show :-)

    Would be a good twist if Nick gets involved with her but Victor cant handle it cause it looks like Sabrina ...

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    I hope not. I don't like some of these new characters that they have introduced.

    Someone said she does what Nikki never could do, and that's make Victor happy. I totally disagree. Victor and Nikki have been together since the 80s. They have had their share of problems and affairs but they always get back together, no matter how young and pretty or handsome the new person is, Victor and Nikki are a soap opera super couple. Everything that the writers do is centered around setting them up to be together.

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    I additionally want the writers could re-evaluate taking Sabrina off the practice. Even tho the death scene has been taped--it hasn't been shown as yet--so if the writers had to maintain her on the practice through fact of viewer call for (and that i'm constructive the actress could quite elect to outlive), they'd rewrite and refilm and function her get a liver transplant or despite and make a restoration. i could nonetheless shop the undeniable fact that the infant died--because all of us realize it wasn't Victor's--it probably became into Philippe's!! As to the 2nd area of the question--i'm constructive there have been different television shows that replaced tale lines through fact of viewer demands yet i would be unable to think of of any.

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    I doubt it at this point, since they've been saying Sabrina was going to die for over a month now!

    I know a lot of people were just starting to like Sabrina and are feeling bad that they are writing her off so fast, but that's show biz, in one day and out the next!

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    I really hope so. Maybe the writers can put that one of Victors specialists discovers something that can save Sabrina. It's too soon to kick her off.

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    Nope. She's deader than a doorknob. Sepsis hits quick; she'll be dead by the end of the week.

    Or.... she'll wake up and it was all a dream! She's not married to Victor, her best friend's father, but she's pregnant with Phillipe's baby, but has found out that he's been cheating, so moves to live with Victoria.

    I don't think Sabrina can be saved. Why is it by the time Y&R takes someone off the show we don't like, that people start to like them?

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    I sure hope so, because she actually makes Victor happy (something Nikki wasn't able to do) and Sabrina's character is good for the drama.

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    I read it was about the ratings.

    People didn't like that she was married

    to Victor.

    I liked Sabrina.

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    I dont know, its hard to say. I know I had read that they had first signed her with a 3 year contract, but then her character wasnt getting the reaction that they had hoped for so they decided to let her go. I also read today a spoiler that when some of the cast go to Paris that they see her, so I dont know what is up with that?? Sounds like its going to be an interesting plot!!

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