Okay So i have a nephew who's 21 months. almost 2 right? but here's the problem?

He doesn't even say MOM! nothing at ALL!!

what are some good ways to teach him myself how to talk?

&& also.... What are some good ways to beggin to teach him

how to go to the bathroom?


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    Maybe he has nothing worth saying. My brother-in-law didn't speak until he was older and his first words were a complete sentence. He told his mom. "Turn the damn TV off". He is now a successful computer programmer.

    On the other hand, he may have delayed speech due to a hearing problem. A niece wasn't diagnosed until she was 4 with fluid build up in her ears. She used to stand almost right in front of the TV to watch Barney. Tubes in the ears and a Summer of intensive speech therapy put her back on track.

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    My son had a tongue tie and only spoke gibberish.

    Once he got that fixed, we read to him all the time and always explain everything in simple language.

    Never speak in baby talk....

    Is he making sounds at all? If he is completely quiet there might be a speech problem, but if he talks gibberish and you can't understand, it will straighten into understandable speech over time.

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    Beautiful is right. My friend's kid is 23 months, and she just started talking about 6 weeks ago. Make it into a game, keep an eye on it, and be patient :-)

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    is he saying any words at all? Not to alarm you but I have a son with autism and one of the first signs is delay in speech. Please go to autismspeaks.org and there is a small check list. if there is any concern at all though, he should be seen by a dr. just to make sure everything is ok

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    every kid learns at a different age my two brothers didnt talk or go to the bathroom untill they were 4!

  • Just keep talking to him, don't try to coax him to say anything. just smile and say thinmgs, or sing him a song. Make him laugh, so he realizes words are fun. You could make silly sounds too, like

    buh buh buh buh buh

    or ma ma ma ma ma while playing, bouncing, or dancing.

    just ham it up and try to get him to join in. treat it like a game.

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    for one, it is not your responsibility to teach your nephew how to speak- that is the parent's thing to do... and secondly you need to tell your sister or brother that they need to have him checked out because he possibly is going to need some speech therapy.

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    talk to him alot. just about life and random things. call urself mom alot, and talk in third person about urself. to teach him to go to the bathroom. offer him rewards for everytime that he successfully goes to the bathroom, like stickers or little pieces of candy.

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