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So i asked a ? a couple weeks ago about this girl (;... ) well i told her how i felt and it semi worked it turns out she did untill she started liking this other guy well they broke up but she doesn't like me anymore. the thing is i can tell she wants to but she won't let herself... we have and awesome friendship and she doesn't want to lose it. don't get me wrong i dont either but i dont exactly know wat to do...

We hang out ALOT i even spent 2 days painting her room with her...

Some of you may say move on but I'm not gonna give up on her because i talk to her alot and i was talking to her the other day and i said that i didn't want to like this other girl for the fear i'd push her away. and she said "U can't push someone away when they are holding on"... then i told her 2 hold on tight i wasn't going to let go... she said "No worries. I don’t plan on letting go" What should i do now?


She knows im there for her and we flirt all the time but she still won't just let herself like me and i can tell she wants to just by the way she looks at me when im with her

we both are freshman in high school and she had a boyfriend... they built a new high school and her mom let her choose what high school she wanted to go to... her boyfriend at one me at the other she chose to come to the same high school as me and broke up with her boyfriend a couple days after i told her how i felt about her and she only has two friends at the new high school which is where we are going me and just another friend

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    No i don't think you should move on{not just yet anyways}but I truely think she wants to love you, but she's afraid to fall in love again because she don't want to cause another relationship breakup; but on the other hand I think you should just be patient and wait to see what she has stored for you & her.

  • Girls have very complicated minds. Just remind her that you like her then wait and let her clear her head and make up her mind. Trust me, she'll appreciate the space you'll give her, but just remind her every once in a while that you still like her. But don't do it too often, it gets annoying. Give her a specail moment that she'll remember every week and a half or so, she'll feel specail. Since she likes you and if you make her feel loved then she'll come around eventually. Just don't put her on the spot or anything.

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    alright this is uber confusing. im thinking she def has feelings for you she just doesnt wanna let them show. when your alone with her take her hand in yours and say i have to do somethig and kiss her. i know it will be super hard and youll be so nervous but you have to do itand see how it feels. if she feels that "spark" your set and then you ask her how it felt. if she likes it ask her out and it sounds like you two will have a meaningful and long lasting relationship, but dont break her heart.

  • i think at this piont you should just be time she'll come around...i know its hard but eventually ur gonna face the day when you just got to understand that u 2 are meant to be just friends....just keep on being the friend she needs right now...and flirt with her to hint you still like her alot...goood luck!

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    Make a move before someone else does. She seems very very nice. and ready for the pickings

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    well i once dated a guy and he was my best friend and things didnt work out quite right so we broke up! now we dont even have a friendship! so dont risk it!

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