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how to do my makeup like in this pic?

ok i love this makeup that hayden has on and i have freckles so i think it might look good but how do i get my makup like this?

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    Eyeliner over the tops of your eyes and the outside corners..

    Clear lipgloss

    Lots of mascara

    Hope this helps =]

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    You can start with a light oil free foundation, I suggest MAC Minerlize Satinfish SPF 15 Foundation. It's very light, feels great on skin.

    Then apply a sheer nude lip gloss. I suggest Stila Lip Glaze in Vanilla. Its not sticky and has the right amount of shine like Hayden's.

    Hayden has on a thin stroke of liquid eyeliner. A thin stroke always looks more girly than a fat dramatic line. I suggest MAC Liquid Liner in Boot Black. Its amazing, I use it on a daily basis IT WILL LAST ALL DAY. !

    Lastly, Hayden has on rich black mascara. I suggest 3 strokes of a super dark Mascara that curls and lenghthens. I Suggest Benefit BADgal Lash Mascara in Rich Black. This is incredible, it will plumpen up your lashes and add incredible lenghth and curl.

    Hope This Helps ♥-xoxo

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    light fouundation. bronzer/blush i reccomend smashbox

    eyeliner gold eyeshadow thats beigiey and shimmery and pink lipgloss and mascara and eyeliner on top and bottom

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    well u have to curl you eye lashes n put maskera n put eye shadle

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    don't forget the blush.

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