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Las Angeles help?

Ok so im planning on going to go pon a 1 month vacation to las angeles.

how much money should i bring.Money is not an issue

cause i plan on going shopping,eating,doing somet touring and buy souveneers so how much do you think about.And also what are some really good places to go to?

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    Rock bottom minimum for a decent, but not-so-great motel would be $60-80/night -> $2000-2500 for a month.

    If you will eat in restaurants all the time,

    minimum would be $25-30/day for 3 meals/coffee shop style (Denny's, IHOP, etc.). Nicer restaurants ... a lot more of course.

    Monthly budget: $900-3000

    Touring will vary by how you do it.

    Rental car ? Guided tours ? Taxis ?

    Estimated cost: $0-100/day

    Shopping and souvenirs: $0 - unlimited, no way for anyone to estimate.

    Overall you're looking at $5000-10000, depending

    on your level of accommodation, restaurants, transportation, etc.


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    You should learn how to spell LOS ANGELES first... If you want to come on a vacation here, you should bring quite a large sum with you. Here in LA, things are not cheap, especially hotel accomodation and the restaurants.

    I cannot give you an exact sum. Try to get a debit card from your bank with either the, Maestro, Master Card, Cirrus, or Visa logo's visable on it. Most stores will accept these cards worldwide, and it will save you on drawing the cash out.

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    try researching a bit before you come here. Look for hotel accomendations, and whether or not you are going to need to rent a car. Restaraunts are expensive out here.

    Bring a few hundred dollars, preferably a thousand or so, just in case something bad happens.

    It reall does depends on what you want to do though.

    Venice beach is rad. You should totally go there.

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    Bring 50k$ and you'll be fine. If some $ left in the end you can donate into my wallet, if money isn't problem for you.

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    Ok some help before you get to the city learn how to spell the name of the damn city man...

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    venice beach is awesome!! (:

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