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Why doesn't Obama have time for the wounded troops?

Obama had plenty of time for the gym, but no time to visit to wounded soldiers. Is this really the kind of leadership we need???? There is also talk that Obama denied the invitation because he was not allowed to bring his photo op crew.

Addtional note: Care to see for yourself how the leftist media lies, watch Bill O'Reilly tonight!!!!

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    Here's my summation of the Obama apologists' answers:

    "Hey Fox News sucks and Barack Obama couldn't bring his photographers, he didn't want it to appear politicized, so he blew it off."

    How much freakin' sense does that make?

    Then go WITHOUT the photogs!

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    Pentagon wouldn't allow cameras in the hospital so Obama went were the cameras could go and decided to play basketball over visiting troops that have sacrificed so much so he can tour the world.

    Just a glimpse of what an Obama presidency would bring.

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    No No NO NO NO!!! Obama did not visit the wounded soldiers in Landstul, Germany because the Pentagon told him basically that it was not a good idea because they saw it as a political move. Something like that. So to avoid any problems, he decided against it. Obama, did visit troops in Germany, just not in the hospital.

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    You don't read much. do you? Obama has visited the wounded many times out of the watch of the press..

    How many times has Bush visited them since he has taken more vacation time that any President in History. Bush also said he would not play Golf till the troops were home and then he went back on his word and got caught on film..

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    Go to Obama's website & go the place that says something I think like "smears" & you will find a really simple, logical explanation. He has done interviews about it. I think if you can find a clip of the Unity thing he went to since he has been back from overseas they asked him & he expained. You will find the answers in life as long as you ask with an open mind. If you want to be successful though don't watch O'Reilly they are paid off by all the money making places they want to keep us unhealthy & dumb.

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    Because the pentagon doesn't want soldiers and Marines to be election props.

    Both McCain and Obama and a few others visit wounded (and also deployed) soldiers and Marines when they are not up for election.

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    The pictures of Obama at the gym were taken in Kuwait WITH THE TROOPS!

    Obama visited injured troops in Afghanistan.

    The media were never going to the German hospital. They don't work for Obama!

    The Pentagon suggested a visit to the hospital might be seen as a political campaign tool, and Obama agreed not to use the injured troops for political gain.

    Obama has values!

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    Obama will have plenty of time for the wounded troops after he is elected. Everyone knows what the wounded troops need, and want. Just because he didn't specifically visit them on his tour, doesn't mean anything. That would be like saying "Why doesn't President Bush have time to visit with Cindy Sheehan?" because everyone knows what she wants, so it would be pointless.

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    He does.

    Info is courtesy of right wing media too.

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    You're just parroting McCain's attack ads.

    He should stick to that facts.

    Bill Reilly is a buffoon

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