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In softwares, what is the portable version?

What are software portable versions.... I have photoshop portable... What are the advantage and disadvantages of this version?

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    how do you have pphotoshop portable, it is defenitly not a official legal release by Adobe.

    you can get Portable Apps, either as an entire suite or individual apps, i have Pidgin, FF3 n winamp in portable form for when im in practicals or working in library it is massively useful as i can have my bookamrks wherever i go and the add-os i need etc.

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    pass to radioshack and purchase a style of cords with a headphone jack at each and each end (such as you're able to plug into an iPod). Plug one end into the headphone jack on your laptop. plug the different end into the microphone jack on your laptop. you are able to now checklist ANY sound that performs on your laptop employing an uncomplicated audio recorder. I advise downloading a freeware software pronounced as Audacity -- it helps you to edit clips mutually and export initiatives as mp3. desire this helps. :-)

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