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Yearling Connemara Colt Got Caught in Eletric horse rope fencing?

The Pony got caught in this fencing less than 2 weeks ago, and the vet down, gave him a bute injection into the vein and anti-inflams and antibiotics, we had a course of 2 antibiotics and pain relieve, it was VERY VERY VERY swollen when it happened and he was horribly lame, But now after about ten days the swelling is gone, slightly inflammed where the rope ravelled around the top of his hock but nothing to alarming, but the wound still remains horrible looking, and he keeps biting it, taking all the hair off it so its always raw looking, and a small bit of yellow puss is still visible, so i dont really know what to do now, I apply natural aloe vera to him the last couple of days to prevent scarring as i want him as a stallion, but i dont no what to do, Any of you got any idea???




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    I also answered this in the "Horses" section. See about an antibiotic cream. And ask the vet about wrapping the wound.

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    he continues to be a new child - you in no way understand what he would be while he grows up! might desire to be that he only jumped that fence out of frustration and might desire to be different horses. Then he discovered he might desire to do it, so now he's doing it only reason he can. while he's older, castrated, and under saddle - his character might substitute. to no longer say that he won't be a jumper, notwithstanding if it is not a threat to choose that suitable now considering that he's barely a yearling. I as quickly as observed a three 365 days previous western excitement horse in preparation leap a 6' fence to flee being labored - does no longer advise she became destined to be a jumper - she only did it reason she became excited and rambunctious and dad! over the fence she went.

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    you could ask your vet to give him/her a cone ( like the kind they put on dogs after surgery ) and it should heal up........................i hope she/he gets better :D

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