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What do you think of my 3 point plan to make sex offender's lives a living hell.?

Point 1.

All sex offenders shall recieve a mark both in the forehead and both hands that says Sex Offender, or child rapist if that applies.

Point 2.

Sex offenders shall have their places of residence marked in bright red that says sex offender for everyone to read when they drive by. If it is a apartment building it will say the apartment the scumbag lives in. He will get kicked out pretty soon and will be homeless. :)

Point 3. All sex offenders shall have special Liscence plates and Id cards identifying them as such scumbags. No sex offender shall work within lets say 10 miles from a school, restricting their jobs to farm work.

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    Well its a start. Not exactly constitutional but its a start.

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    As far as I'm concerned, you were both kids. They call you an adult at 18, but you can't buy a beer legally till you're 21. But you can get sent to war though. Ok, you got loaded and got it on with a 15 year old. Bad boy. Bad girl. You were both wrong. Unfortunately, YOU get wrongly labled in your case. I think in your situation, being referred to as a sex offender is wrong. It's not like you hung around the playground wearing only a trench coat handing out taffy's. I agree with another poster here who said he would like to see just what happened. If it boils down to 2 teenagers getting drunk & having consensual sex, in my opinion, you are not a sex offender. A person who used poor judgment drinking under age & having sex with a young girl. But not a life long sex offender. Get yourself a GOOD attorney. I don't think under the circumstances you descibed that you deserve a life of misery for one nights poor judgment. There are a hell of a lot more kids doing the same thing tonight & everynight. Are they ALL sex offenders too? No.

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    That would work except it would put them on welfare pretty fast, so the children and their parents would now pay for the rapist's room and board. Good work, champ.

    It also screws up people who have been falsely accused. You also have to consider seventeen year old girls who press charges when their 19 year old boyfriends dump them. (Yep, they get statutory, too.)

    Then there's women who wake up with an awful hangover and, wishing they hadn't slept with that guy, press charges to make themselves feel better. And disgruntled ex-girlfriends.

    And of course, that would be like passing a law against men drinking, because even if both parties are too plastered to speak straight, it's the guy's fault in the morning.

    Tons of innocent men get pressed with rape charges. You have to consider that.

    Also, this would punish his family or roommates, as well. Or did you think they all lived alone?

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    Point 2 I have issue with, if they get evicted and are homeless they are that much harder to keep track of, other than that your only real impediments would be the ACLU and the constitutional ban on cruel and unusual punishment.

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    Not bad.

    I would add that they cannot live within 10 miles of a school and they cannot be within 10 miles of a school for any reason.

    that would restrict their movements rather severely.

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    Considering the fact that not all sex offenders actually have "touched" someone, I don't think it's fair at all

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    Since they can't be rehabbed, why not just leave them in jail or a halfway house.

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    But if they are homeless its hard to keep tabs on them.

    You did forget a really good one though...castration.

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    Shave their asses and dorp them on an Island so they can offend each other

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    BWHAHAHA pretty good I like it.

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