Too much in student loans........what do you thing?

How much do you think should be the maximum amount of money taken out as student loans for a person majoring in civil engineering? Most of my tuition is covered by a scholarship but I'll probably end up having to pay for about $4,000 worth of it. It will cost me anywhere from $8,000 to 12,000 a year in student housing (including summer) for the next three years or so. And textbooks will probably cost around 4,000 altogether. Plus I already took out $2,000 in loans.

All together this will end up costing me about $34,000 to 46,000 to get a degree in civil engineering. I plan on working during school to pay for some of it, but engineering is a tedious major and I may not be able to work once I get into the upper division. Also, I cant live at home because the school I go to is too far away and I am going to have to live on campus (even though I've been trying to avoid it).

I would never take out this much $ to get a liberal arts degree, but since its engineering what do you think?


*what do you think?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Its worth it though. This is a degree that will get you a job doing something worthwhile and rewarding. You could get a liberal arts degree, sure, but who wants a career working at Starbucks?

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