I am a spontanious person by nature, but my aunt is very overbearing?

all my life I have done whatever popped into my head, but now that I live with my aunt, she needs me to ok everything with her and doesnt let me do most things (even if they are not dangerous) or wants me to explain to her why I want to do them.

I am a responsible and intelligent 16 year old girl, and I cant stand not being able to live my life. I am so bored all the time and am growing depressed because I cant do anything without calling her and telling her exactly where I am and where I am going to be. She doesnt understand that I cant tell her my plans for the day because I make it up as I go along.

how can I keep living my life normally without getting into more trouble then I already have?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I know the feeling....

    This is one of those times you have to adapt. Your Aunt out 'ranks' you both by age and responsible. It is nerve whacking to come home and the young person who is suppose to be there isn't and doesn't have a note or anything tell you where there going.

    I know it's asking alot, but you have to start planning or where your going in the long run. Keyword where, not exactly what. Take for example:

    You: "Hey Aunt, I'm going to Liz's house"

    Aunt: "To do what?"

    You: "Hang out with Liz."

    Aunt: "What time do you plan to be home?"

    You: "Around 5...but if anything comes up, I'll call you and tell you."

    Your responses have to be wide enough to leave your spontaneous actions room to breath. You just have to modify a little bit, but that little bit will give you a whole lot.

    One thing though, you have to keep up on your part. Take the example above, if you said I'll call by 5, you have to call by 5. If what your doing is somewhat dangerous, you need to think it out clearly enough and be able to call your aunt in case of an emergency.


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