Would love some advice from seasoned mommies!!?

I love my baby to death, and hate the thought of teaching him that life isn't rules-free!! but he's s tarting to get out of control! Well, he's six months old, and like nearly every baby his age, he is constantly moving. I encourage this, of course, but how can I DIScourage him from the following: hair pulling, biting (fingers, nipples, etc.), yanking glasses off my face, pinching my face (grabbing lips, nose, etc. in his hands and squeezing for all he is worth: OUCH!!!) and so on. This poor mommy is going to get beat up if he doesn't learn soon!

Just as a note, I know some people will pull the babies hair when he pulls theirs, to help them associate discomfort with the action, but this does not work for my baby. He's just so happy and good natured I don't think negative things even grab his attention! Ha!

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    Just take his hand when he is pulling your hair and say in a firm voice . Do not pull Mommy's hair it hurts. Keep that up with all things he does that are not good. Tell him why you do not want him to do it. They are smart and will catch on. I swear it works but takes a few time.

    My daughter like to suck on your face and even bite. (here it was teething) but I told her it hurt and not to do it and gave her something else to chew on.

    Also redirecting helps when they are under 2 cause full understanding of the situation is not possible at this age..

    But when a child sees your reaction and facial expression they will know from that even if they don't understand the words.

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    I know what you mean, but he's still too young to understand. You can say NO! no pulling! -when he pulls your hair or glasses and putting a stern face, my daughter went through that face too, and I wear glassed all the time! But she got the message, it's a learning process. You can always turn him around when he pulls your hair or bites! As for biting... dont put your fingers in his mouth!!! It's a reflex for him, he'll bite!! Also your baby seems to be quite active maybe you should do some more physical activities, maybe some swimming, and more tummy time.

    And no no pulling his hair!! he wont get it plus how can you teach him not to grab your hair when you grab his?

    Anyways,Hope it helps!

    Best of luck!

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    He is just curious and learning about the world, he does not understand no yet or cause and effect - he is learning about these things by doing this. If you don't smile when he does it, put on a serious face and re-direct him into another activity or give him a toy that is the best thing at that age. As he gets older he will understand the word no, i think my son understood around 12 months and you can start to be stricter about it then. He is just a little baby and yes it hurts, i've been slapped and smacked and all sorts but just tried to direct him into doing something else without killing his desire to explore and learn as this is how he learns about the world through experimenting - he isn't deliberately being troublesome.

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    well, you can't really reason with a baby, but gentle reinforcement is ok. Pulling a baby's hair, that's awful! They can't understand that they're doing anything wrong, they are just curious, so it's good you aren't doing that. Just gently pull his hand away and make a sad face. Babies are very visually oriented, and will pick up on your expressions. Just pull him back and say "Ouch, that hurts mommy" and look sad. You can be gentle and kind, but just keep saying "We don't do that, it hurts mommy" He will either eventually get the message, or get bored with it and move on to something more worthwhile, like pulling the cat's tail hehe

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    of course bubs is going to pull glasses and things off your face, at 6 months old he doesn't understand that the glasses are "yours" he See's something pretty and colour full and wants to play with it. babies learn through touch and feel, he doesn't understand that when he pinches you he's hurting you, babies need to feel different textures and are just starting out at testing their strength when they grab things, ( even if it does happen to be your face). if i were you you I'd be extremely grateful that he's trying to follow you and is moving everywhere. my daughter didn't crawl until she was 71/2 months. it sounds like your little one is on the right track doing everything he should. your his mummy and of course when you move away he will want to be near you. try putting some toys on a play mat near where you are ( obviously not in the kitchen and dangerous places) and keep talking to him or maybe try singing some songs to keep him amused. i don't recommend pulling bubs hair when he pulls yours, he doesn't understand his actions and is probably wondering why mummy is reaching out and hurting him for no reason.

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    My 11 month old is still a grabber/smacker. They don't have 100% control over everything yet and they're not doing it out of malice. My 11 month old will smack my face at night as we're falling asleep. I think he's trying to caress my face because he coos and smiles while he does it- but he just doesn't have the "gentle" part down yet.

    When he gets rough, I take his hand and rub my face and say "gentle baby" over and over. I don't know if it's making any sort of difference... but I know he'll learn eventually. My 2 year old understands the difference between a caress and a smack now...so I know they learn it somewhere along the way.

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    Well I hate to tell you this, but you just have to deal with it. we all had to go through it, and you will survive. It is just a stage they go through. Six months is too young for discipline, and he won't understand anything you are trying to teach him about this. When he is about one, if he continues, then he will be old enough to understand and then pulling his hair slightly and biting him back just enough to hurt will work.

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    Well I spank their hand and that was it then say no, or stop, not nice. believe me he will understand!

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