What is the difference in view of orthodox and reform judaism regarding the oral and written laws?

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    Orthodox Judaism hold that the Oral Torah is equivalent to the Written Torah, the only difference was the manner of transmission through the millenia. Reform Judaism believes that they can discard aspects of Oral Torah because they think it was just 2 millenia old Rabbi's writing down their opinions rather than Oral Torah they'd passed from father to son for nearly 1,500 years by then.

    The fact that Reform Judaism doesn't believe in the Oral Torah is what's causing their branch to break down due to its lack of cohesion. Usually the grandchildren of people who became Reform Jews either no longer identify themselves as Jews or *aren't* Jews due to intermarriage.

    Source(s): I'm Jewish, and I took a class on this last year.
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    While there is a lot more than I am writing, the simple answer is that Orthodox Judaism believes that God revealed Himself at Mount Sinai to the 3 million Jews that were encamped at the mountain and gave them both a written and oral law.

    Reform Judaism does not believe that God physically revealed Himself. They do not believe that the Torah, the written law, was dictated verbatim by God to Moses, and that He gave an Oral Law to Moses to transmit.

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    Orthodox Judaism believes that both the Oral and Written Laws were given by G-d.

    Reform Judaism believes that both were possibly divinely inspired, but not divinely given--in general. Reform Judaism has a wide diversity of opinions on most things, and in this case it ranges from what I said above, to both being divinely given.

    Source(s): I'm Jewish.
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    Answer: I believe that you are probably referring to Torah and Talmud. I would recommend http://www.jewfaq.org/ -- although it is written from the Orthodox perspective it does refer to specific differences between Orthodox, Conservative and Reform Judaism.

    I have also starred this question for my Jewish contacts -- they DEFINATELY know more on this subject than I do.

    Source(s): Hellenic Polytheist believes in the common goal of Jews, Pagans And Allies in working to build both tolerance and accurate knowledge of our various religions.
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    There are 613 laws in Judaism, could you please specify what you mean by "oral and written"?

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