not knowing your pregnant.?

How do you not know your pregnant untill you give birth?

How common is this?

I am watching discovery health channel Life in the Er and a women came in with back and stomach pain.

She didn't know she was pregnant until one of the nurses saw the baby crowning. The birth took all of 5 mins.. and she said she never felt the baby and had no symptoms.. and she was pregnant twice befor and it was nothing like those. and she was also on the depo shot for a year and throught the pregnancy.. hmm



Yes she was over weight..

I wonder is its more common to happen it the obese?

Update 2:

Baby i was on deppo for 2 years and never once did they give me a pregnancy test unless i asked

Update 3:

Van! she didnt think she was pregnant.. she gave birth no knowing.. how would she get an ultra sound for a baby that is already here

Update 4:

umm size 8 is not obese!

Update 5:

no offence but i really cant see a smaller women not noticing a baby growing inside you.. but i can see a larger women maybe not noticing.

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    Well there was a whole show on Discovery about a month ago, about 6 different women who didn't know they were pregnant. The doctors said that its a combination of things. No symptoms, an anterior placenta that blocks all movements, being on birth control or thinking they were infertile, still getting a period throughout, etc. They all delivered prematurely though too. And they weren't all overweight. One of the women were actually quite trim but they carried the baby more in their abdominal cavity than out in front. And another woman thought she was having a particularly painful bowel movement and had food poisoning and ended up in the bathroom, she gave birth in the toilet!

    I still don't get it because I am SO super uncomfortable every day. If I didn't know I was pregnant at 5 weeks, I would definitely know by now. Its not just "the flu"! But apparently it is medically possible and has happened countless times. Everything just has to fit together just right. But I dont think being overweight makes a difference. Im overweight, clinically obese really and I feel him kick and I have a firm, round belly.

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    This is purely my opinion on the subject but I really do not buy that she was on the depo shot all through her pregnancy because being a medical assistant I know that you get that every 3 months and the doctor will do a urine pregnancy test to make sure your not pregnant before giving you the shot. At least that's what the doctor that I worked for did.

    Now some people have funny cycles and still get light spotting and things during pregnancy and she could have mistook that as being her type of period and if she was heavy to begin with the baby could have been hiding in her fat....not to sound mean but that's exactly what could happen.

    Every pregnancy is different though I suppose.

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    You have got to be prematurely approximately it....I imply, do not pass out with a few man (I'm assuming you are no longer displaying an excessive amount of but, just a bit greater possibly? Idk...I've under no circumstances been pregnant...) and begin up a few dating after which the entire surprising carry up that you are having a child. I imply, actually, I could be suprirised if a man was once even inclined thus far a pregnant chick.

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    I have heard about this before! A lady not too long ago gave birth at a Mcdonalds where she worked bc she had no idea she was pregnant... Wouldnt you wonder why you werent having a period?

    On the other hand, i knew a lady that was breast feeding (she was pretty heavy) and she was told by her dr that she might not have her period while breast feeding. She thought nothing of it until she quit breastfeeding her daughter of 7 months, and still no period. Went to the dr and she was 6 months pregnant! True story! You couldnt tell she was pregnant because she was heavier, but 3 months later had a little boy....

    Was this lady heavy as well? The one on the tv show? Or can this happen to average sized women?

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    Its crazy yeah i know, for most people its inconceivable how this can be possible but I met a lady like this. I was selling my infant car bed (car seat for preemies) on craigslist and the couple buying it said they delivered a preemie(like me-thus why they wanted to buy the carbed i was selling) but she never even knew she was pregnant till they went to the ER with her in severe pain. But believe me she WAS overweight ,not morbid obese or anything but easily over 200 lbs. And honestly not to be unkind but she didnt really do any of the talking, her boyfriend did, she seemed a tad below average intelligence too so it could be a factor.

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    I think it may be a mental block or something to that effect. If they dont want to belive they are pregnant maybe they ignore the symptoms. If you can throw your body out of wack and make it belive you are pregnant then maybe it works the other way around as well.

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    I had an employee that was 17yrs old and all of 100lbs soaking wet that didn't know she was pregnant until she was 8months along. Funny how you don't notice the little signs when you don't want to. She didn't even look the slightest bit pregnant even.

    Her baby was very healthly when she was born though.

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    I have no ides how this is possible! Was this woman overweight? I'm only 26 weeks and you couldn't miss it! Aside from all the early symptoms you can now see the baby moving from the outside. I don't get it at all.

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    i dont know maybe get an ultrasound if you think you are! ive 2 boys and knew nearly straight away i was pregnant! and no its not more common in obese as a friend of a friend gave birth and stayed nearly the same weight (without baby bump) the whole way through,and gave birth in her parents bath tub!! she was a size 8 the whole way through!!(lucky brat!!)

    but actually when my mum was expecting me she never showed at all and she said she never even felt me kick,she knew she was pregnant from my heartbeat but never gained an ounce and she wasnt heavy but wasnt thin either.and no one really knew she was pregnant till i arrived!! big surrprise! i was also born the day after her birthday so i always say i was the best birthday present she ever got!! she probably thinks different as now ive made her a grandmother of 2 at 46!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

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    i saw that episode and i wondered the same thing, especially your body goes through so much while your pregnant....i find it hard to believe that you could be pregnant for nine months and not have any symptoms, especially a growing belly

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