USB problems with sidekick lx?

I want to add themes to my lx but this message keeps showing up on my screen when i plug it in

The USB device cannot operate because it needs more power than is available.

To correct this problem you can:

1) Plug the device into an electrical outlet if it has a power cord.

2) Unplug the device and plug it into another USB port on your computer or other device that is plugged into a power cord.

it had 100 percent battery


MORE INFO:my charger does not work, but i bought a charger to charge the battery seperately. will this help at all with my problem?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    take the battery out, if its not working still after that your battery may have a flaw.

    my other thinksing is that your charger may not work or it may have a virus if you use the internet.

    take it to the tt-moble store and if you have insurence they can get olyu a new one hope i helped.

  • 4 years ago

    You already spoke back your question and its surprising yet its the telephone itself. you may desire to replace the telephone bc the two the battery and chrgr are in perfect working concern, you needless to say did each and all of the difficulty taking pictures. in case you upgraded a latest line or activated a clean line with this LX and its been decrease than 14 days in any state different than CA that's 30 days, you have whats referred to as shopper's remorseful approximately needs to flow back to point of Sale. If no longer and you obtain it off an internet site or a pal there is regrettably purely a remorseful approximately era in the event that they honor it and wasn't offered as is. Eithe way, sturdy luck! :)

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