High School!!!!?

Ok I am Starting High School on August 13 and I am So scared & nervous. Can you help me be more comfortable about High School.

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    Ha. I had a MISERABLE high school experiance until I learned a few things.

    #1. Make friends with a senior

    #2. Pay attention in class and be sure to ALWAYS take notes no matter how boring it seems.

    #3. When taking notes in class don't write down only what is on the board-- write other things your teacher says.

    #4. DO NOT talk about other people. If someone did sometime or said something that hurt your feelings talk about it to THEM directly.

    #5. Get involved! Whether its band or choir or a club or even out of school activities join something! You meet new people and make friends that enjoy the same things you do!

    Have fun and good luck!!

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    High School may sound scary and nervous but looking back at it, the experience was more positive than bad. Consider the fact that you will still be with your friends , just in a bigger environment with more opportunities for learning and fun. Speaking personally, i was the "fat" kid as a freshman and i still managed to make loads of friends. Your not the only one that gonna be scared to start; Just stay positive, join a club that sounds interesting (trust me, making friends in a school club is awesome) and be open and relaxed to anything that happens.

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    So my high school starts on the 13th, and I am on a crew that helps freshmen become more comfortable. I was a wreck my first day, but now as a senior, i feel so relaxed there. If you have freshmen orientation, really get into it. Don't just sit back, get involved! Remember, you are not the only one who is nervous. Just be yourself and have fun. High School really is a blast!

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    people are there to help you. you're not the only one who feels this way. teachers wont mark you tardy the first day if you get lost. high school is different only in that the kids are older, you have more freedom, and you are given more responsibility. don't worry! millions of people have gone through what you're going through and have been fine. this'll be a great year.

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    high school is a lot more fun then middle school!! there are all new freedoms, people, and respondsibilites

    theres not really a change in work or teachers

    its not gonna be so bad

    high school is always everyones best years of their lives!!

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    Have fun at your pep rally, Lol, jk. You should try to get into clubs, and be part of w/e ^^"

    But I am not any help >.>

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    have fun spirit week go all out homecomin go because people talk about it hang with your friends

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    XD really? well have fun

    and try as make as many friends as you

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    i was all fine, happy, confident.

    then...i went to high school and now I have a court date tomorrow, praying to god i pass my drug test, and i sit in summer school for 3 hours twice a week, wondering why i just didnt show up for my damn math class.

    so, good luck =]

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    let me know when u find out. im going too

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