Can you use your camera as a webcam if it has video recording on it?

it is a Olympus FE230/X790 if that makes any difference ?

i was just wondering bc it doesnt make any sense to go buy a webcam if i have something that will do that already

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    actually no you can't, sucks right?! my friend has that camera and i read her manual trying to do that, then i just played around with it. but i do have some friends with camera that do that, but they had to but a certain software.

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    1 decade ago

    everything is possible =]

    1. Check the manual of your digital camera to see if it can be used as a webcam. Many digital cameras have this functionality and even come with webcam software. If your camera didn't come with webcam software, use a third party web cam application such as SarmSoft WebCam. Find SarmSoft WebCam at

    2.Plug your digital camera's power adapter into the camera. Some won't function as a webcam unless they are plugged into A/C power. Even if your digital camera functions as a webcam while on batteries, A/C power saves your batteries and prevents your camera from shutting off in the middle of a broadcast.

    3.Connect a video cable into your digital camera's video "out" port. Your camera likely came with a cable made for connecting it to a to a video source. Plug the other end of the video cable into your video card's video "in" port.

    4.Set up your camera as close to your monitor as possible. This allows better face to face communication.

    5.Position yourself about 2 to 3 feet away from your digital camera. Most digital camera's focus best at this distance when used as a webcam.

    6.Use a separate microphone if your digital camera doesn't transmit sound when used as a webcam. Plug the microphone into the microphone jack of your sound card.

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    You can't use your camera as a webcam because of the huge size of the image captured by your video camera. Instead it is better to buy a simple webcam which costs about $20.

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    1 decade ago

    yes i use mine.

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