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What paper work should I receive when buying a used car?

I am about to go pick up a car I just bought from a friend. I live in Ontario and I wanted to know what paper work is there that he has to legally hand over to me so I can drive the car home. In other words what paper work should I receive from him once I buy the car

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    the title and any/all lien releases, registration and any tax papers that may be due to the local authorities, all of them paid and stamped as so

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    and confirm he or she doesnt owe for fines and liens on the vehicle bye checking the V.I.N out first if it is normally a individual sale... And jointly as a guy or woman merchandising talk too much roughly a different restore thats generally whats incorrect with it !!

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    Don't forget also to get a dated bill of sale!

    Source(s): Ford technician.
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