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Would you get a better job if you went to a private university than public?

I am transferring to a university next fall, but I can't decide.

University of Illinois at Chicago or DePaul university.

I've heard that since DePaul is a private university, people find better jobs than someone that went to a public university. But my sister says it doesn't matter, it only matters on how well you study.

Any advice? thanks!

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    Private colleges (large ones with a long history that is) tend to have vibrant alumni associations. These are great networking tools. Some of the big public colleges also have the huge alumni base. I once ran into someone on a cross country flight who was from my alma mater (big public) and we chatted for several hours. He then offered me some cash to help me get a cab home, and gave me a card: told me to rest up, shave, and make an appointment for an interview. I didnt take the job, but it was nice to know that the college name had some weight.

    Some will swear that the private school gets you a better job, but I still think it is not so much where you go to college, but how you do there, what connections you make, and where you go to grad school that makes the difference.

    Best of luck.

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    Well, a lot of people end up going to a state college and do well, they pick a good major, and end up in high paying careers. You don't have to go to a private college or an Ivy league college like Harvard to be a success in life. When you graduate, its up to you to pursue the job opportunities available.

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