Class action lawsuit?


I received a mail, its regarding a class action lawsuit against one of the big fast food chain restaurants. This is my first time having to deal with these, it was asking for my social security it actually required for this kind of case?

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    1 decade ago
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    Yes, but only if you want to participate and get in on the action. Most of the time with class action law suits there are so many people trying to get in on it that you don't actually end up getting much. My company was sued in a class action law suit about 5 years ago. There were so many people that wanted in on it that when we lost the case, all those people only got like $14 a piece because if the company is being sued for X dollars, that money just gets split up among everyone who filed. It was my job to talk to all those people and get their information to send them what won. Most of them complained that it was more of a hassle to collect than it was worth.

    I don't actually know anything about the legal process, this is just what I remember from when my company went through a class action lawsuit.

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