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Any buddy got SCARY ghost storys! for like sleepovers?

plz tell the hole story! like with ghosts,monsters,sucide,merder! any thing like that, or any beatiful storys with sad stuff like a little girl disapeared!

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    hey hey hey pick me as best!!!!!!!!!!! i think a good one is:

    it was very scary.

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    yo mamma

    just kidding working on my answer

    here my answer but not my story

    On a warm summer night, a couple of friends of mine and I stayed up until about 3:00 a.m. talking about scary stuff that has happened to us. One began telling us about a weird encounter he had with a ghost or something supernatural. He said he was driving back home (from Abilene, Texas to Laredo, Texas) when he saw a hitchhiker on the road. As he passed the woman, he looked back in the rearview mirror to catch a last glance, when, to his surprise the woman appeared to be sitting in his back seat. He must of been really tired of driving or something but he just shook it off and continued on his way. Submitted by Edmond

    more scary stories

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    tell them that you know some one who has died before and is still on earth just like a normal human .

    or tell them that you have died before and you eat out kids intedstants at night and you drain all the blood from their bodys and take a bath in the blood.

    that would be funny

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