Edgar Alan Poe?

Edgar Alan Poe I love his Work but i wana Know What Other writers are Like Him And Can U Name Some Of their work well have the same mood as the raven the, black cat, the tell tale heart

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    Well Poe was a poet of the Romanticism/Transcendentialist movement so try Nathaniel Hawthorne, who wrote The Scarlett Letter and The Birthmark, to name one of the few. Also Percy Shelly, Merry Shelly (frankenstein), and also try Oscar Wilde (The Picture of Dorian Gray).... ^-^

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    Apparently Poe was not alone in this genre. See the site below as he is a part of an incredible group of neurotic writers.

    "Personal tragedy was, unfortunately, a recurring theme throughout Edgar Allan Poe's life. Born in Boston in 1809 to actor parents, he never knew his father David Poe, who left his mother and disappeared soon after Edgar was born, then died in Virginia in 1810. His mother, who suffered from tuberculosis (then called consumption), died in Richmond, Virginia in late 1811, orphaning Edgar, his older brother William Henry, and half-sister Rosalie.

    Frances Allan of Richmond convinced her wealthy merchant husband John to take the child Edgar into their home. It was here that Edgar was to be raised, with his early influences being the stories of house slaves and the tales told by skippers and sea merchants. The dead and dying would always have a strong hold over Edgar, as demonstrated by the anecdote that a six-year old Edgar was once "seized with terror" as he passed by a local graveyard, convinced that the spirits of the undead would run after him. In 1815, the family moved abroad to Scotland and then England, where they lived for five years. Poe's schoolboy experiences there added further influences to the young writer's life. "

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    Stephen King, Edgar Alan Poe scares me. although, a number of Stephen King's stuff is quite weird and wonderful. Huh! I in no way could have theory to evaluate them, yet your precise! they have plenty in elementary.

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    Try H.P. Lovecraft.

    Just look him up on Wikipedia.org. He is just like Poe.

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