my life sucks what should i do ? i just had a baby and she's gorgous but i don't like staying home all day.

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    Put your baby in a stroller and go for a walk. Go visit friends or family and show off your baby. I have 3 children and know about staying home a lot. But it has been my choice to have children and I've had to make sacrifices and not do some of the things I used to freely do. Try reading, cross-stitch, doing puzzles, anything to occupy your mind and keep you a little busy. Start doing some genealogy (tracing your ancestors) to give to your child when she is older.

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    Thank god spring is right here. flow out for a walk. How previous is your son? If he's sufficiently old, take him exterior and toss a ball around with him (even 2 3 hundred and sixty 5 days olds elect to play a splash ball). in case you would be unable to try this, get some sidewalk chalk and take him out and draw on the floor. you have a working laptop or pc. you may spend sometime with your spouse via your area answering questions right here or interpreting. flow to the library take out books. you ought to initiate interpreting on your youngster as youthful as 6 months previous. seem, you have run into the catch that television and advertisers have made maximum human beings have self belief - while you're no longer entertained each and every minute of the day, then your existence heavily isn't worth residing. you have a new child. Be very grateful your existence is uninteresting. uninteresting is what youngsters elect. sturdy luck.

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    Then get out. It's that simple.

    Why do you feel stuck at home? Do you feel like you can't nurse in public? Then until you're comfortable with NIP, seek out places that have a nice private room for nursing. I used to walk the mall, and the ladies room at Marshall Field's had a nice lounge with couches, soft carpet and even some muzak to listen to.

    Do you feel like you can't take a brand new baby out of the house for health reasons? Then stick to outdoor locations like the park. I loved putting my baby in a carrier (Maya Wraps are awesome!) and walking on trails in the next town.

    Find a mom's group, a Stitch n *****, a book club, something that interests you. There is no reason at all to be stuck at home all day!

    Do you feel too overwhelmed to go out? Do you lack motivation? Are you sitting at home crying for no good reason? Maybe talking to a counselor would help. Those feelings can be normal, but they still suck. If these feelings keep up for more than a few weeks, your counselor can work with you and your physician to get you feeling more like your usual self. Trust me, it's way better to ask for help now than to wait until it's so bad that you want to die, and it may get that bad if you don't ask for help soon. I'm not trying to diagnose you over the internet, just trying to point out that the way you feel can lead to postpartum depression. I'm very familiar with PPD.

    I hope you decide to get a bag together and head out. You'll feel better if you try it!

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    awww. people are soo mean. I felt the same way when i was at home. i was bored out of my mind. i wanted some adult interaction, someone to talk to. I never once thought about giving away my baby or anyhitng, but i get bored easily.

    Do you have anyone that can come over to visit you? maybe you parents or baby;s daddy's parents or a friend. Just someone to help you out and give you some adult conversation.

    other than that, play online when baby is asleep. itll give you some connection to the outside world. you can email me if you want.

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    I suggest that you try to get out of the house daily. Make plans for every day of the week: go to the mall and walk around, go out to eat with (a) friend(s), join and play group, go to the park or on a walk, etc...

    staying in the house all day is difficult. You need adults to talk with, and the TV is fine for awhile, but it grows old. You need to find a reason to get up get dressed, and get out of the house!

    Once your maturity leave is over, you'll have decide if you want to go back full-time or part-time. Do you even want to go back to the same job? If you just need a reason to get out of the house, find a job doing something you enjoy. It doesn't have to pay much, if all you are looking for is grow-up company.

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    Wow some people are just being horrible, you may have post natal depression, it's obvious that you care for your daughter but that does not mean your life has to go by the wayside. Try and meet other mothers in your area or maybe put bub into daycare for a few hours a day so you can have some time to yourself. but i would suggest speaking to someone about how you feel, go see your GP he maybe able to reccomend someone

  • What about getting a part-time job? Even better, go back to school part-time.

    You can always go to a park and make it a habit to walk for an hour or so with you daughter in the stroller.

    You can also join a group for SAHM and children. They usually meat twice a month... some are weekly.

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    Well when your 6 weeks are up you can always go get a job, that will give you a way to get out of the house for a little while and offer a much needed break!

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    Uh, I don't know why people are responding that you should keep your child. What are they talking about?!? You want to keep your child but you get stir crazy right? Take her outside with you and enjoy being on break until your 6 weeks is up. Then get a job. Sorry, but this isn't about you and your freedom anymore. You have a gorgeous little girl to keep happy and safe now.

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    put her into a stroller or a snuggly and take her out. a jogging stroller is a great investment.

    find a moms group and connect with other new moms and go out and socialize!

    enroll in a mom and baby class at the Y.

    just some ideas.

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