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past two weeks 2 diff. periods lasting 3 days and no regular period symptoms the period is very light...?

brownish color and when i wipe it is light red. What is going on?


im 20 and not on bc

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    There are several possibilities.

    - You could be experiencing spotting during ovulation (about 2 weeks before your expected period) and having light periods.

    - You could be experiencing non-ovulatory cycles which could cause your period to be that close together. If your periods are only 2 weeks apart, then your body wouldn't have much edometrial lining to slough off, causing the periods to be light.

    - You could be pregnant and experiencing implantation bleeding or early pregnancy spotting.

    - You could be spotting due to a hormone imbalance. Taking birth control pills, but inconsistently, would mess up your hormones enough to cause "breakthrough" bleeding.

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    If your still in your teens that is a normal sign of going through puberty, are you on birth control, that could be the reason.

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