Some ideas on what to buy a 10 year old for Christmas?

Ok, Christmas is only 5 months away,,,I'm beginning to shop now. I have NO clue what to buy my 10 year old boys for Christmas. They have all the electronical stuff like the video game consoles and the ipods. What is out there that a 10 year old boy would like to open on Christmas morning. I really have no clue. Any ideas??

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  • Ali
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    1 decade ago
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    1. Dance Dance Revolution

    2. Anything Sponge Bob related

    3. Mario Brothers games for electronically station

    4. Itunes card

    5. A trip to a amusement park

    6. Computer

    7. Things for ipod

    8. Model plan (one of thoes that actually fly)

    9. Gift card the store they love

    10. Baseball bat glove and ball

    11. Chess set

    12. New electorinc Monopoly

    Source(s): Okay I asked a 10 year old so I hope this helps
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Most kids nowadays are into electronic stuff. My 10 year old brother got 'Monopoly' for Christmas last year and was so disappointed. I had to sneak out the next day really early and buy him a Nintendo DS. We planted it in his closet so he would find it when he got up to get dressed.

    I'd suggest a video game console. Maybe a Nintendo Wii to get him off the sofa? Try getting two-player games so the both of you can have some fun playing with it. Maybe you could leave a Best Buy flyer or something like that on the table and look at what page he flips to first.

    The pet idea was a good one. Maybe something small like a fish or hamster? It's good that you're starting early (in the summer) so that you beat everyone to the good stuff! =D

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    I got an electic toothbush for this christmas and last christmas... i saw it that's how I know. but it was a justin bieber singing toothbrush. Maybe you can make her a blanket with some cloth by cuttting the ends of two pieces of cloth in strips then you tie the two together. i have like 5 of those! I love getting them for christmas. Lets see I asked for. - clothes - candles - a pay pal - makeup - boots - anything justin bieber - lotion. ya or maybe just get her a fragrance set from bath and body works! :) i'm not 10, i'm almost 16 but i have a 10 year olds mind :) hm, maybe an art set? like a bunch of colored pencils and stuff. last year i got 15 yankee candles and it was only about $20 (she bought the minis) & i was okay with that. That's all I got for christmas and I was okay with that. She'll be happy with whatever you get her!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Wow, I'm impressed. You're 4 1/2 months ahead of me, lol :)

    Okay some ideas...

    I bought my daughter a hotweels set with extra tracks and we spent Christmas day making ramps and fast tracks off of the breakfast bar.

    I buy a board game (old fashioned kind) every year and we play games and talk. It's fun. Favorite to date is still Scattegories and I bought the new edition last Christmas (she was 20 ;)

    if you're feeling up to , you could get them a habitat/cage for an animal and let them pick it a lizard or a rat...make sure they are prepared to be responsible and all of course. I don't really recommend puppies for Christmast presents though I'm sure they are more popular. Rats make great pets, you just have to interact with them alot. Don't think you have to do much interaction with a lizard or turtle (but I could be wrong).

    get them something you can enjoy togehter outside, like a sled or ball, bat, and gloves.

    I got her a fooseball table one year, we still play that.

    A pass to laserquest or a movie perhaps...

    Ok That's all. Look for my question on 12/23 or 12/24, lol ;-)

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  • 1 decade ago

    The game Guitar hero . . .for my sons 10th birthday I got him a pilot lesson in a small plane at a small local airport . . .cost was only $35.00, The pilot and he were in the air about 15 minutes, and he got to steer the plane with pedals at his feet. . .he could not wait to go back to school and show everyone the authentic paper they gave him, and brag about flying that plane. . . .he was hero for about a week ! Go for the odd or the popular, they'll love it. . . .

  • 1 decade ago

    Money? :)

    Hmm.. Cars


    Water guns (unless you live in the northern hemisphere, lol)

    10 year olds are hard to buy for these days.

  • 1 decade ago

    why not buy him a LEGO set? it would help develop his mental faculties and maybe inspire him to be an engineer or something when he grows up.

  • 1 decade ago

    a video game or a sleepover

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