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Why nobody is on Cheney, but always Bush is the "badguy"?

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  • C'kins
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    Bush is 'the bad guy', imo, - because 'The Buck has to start and stop' with the president.

    He knew what he was signing up for, trust me.

    Cheney does work harder, with more experience, I agree.

    At least he won't go down in History for 'fighting with Murphy Brown', either. :) Remember Dan Quayle, anyone...

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    I have always said on these boards that Dick Cheney is the real President of the United States, why else does he stay of the limelight? Because he's busy!

    George W. Bush is the "useful idiot" that attracts everybody's attention, the one that gets all the flak.

    I know I will get a ton of thumbs downs for this from the Repubs, but I bet we might find out more about the current Bush administration once it is out of office and "squealers" like Scott McLellan come out of the woodwork with the true, inner workings of the party.

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    They're both equally "bad". The President always get's the spotlight, becuase, well, he's the President. Dick Cheney coincidental is involved with Haliburton, and this same company gets all the major contracts in Iraq to rebuild infastructure. Guess where all that money's going to?!?

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    You never really hear of cheney doing anything wrong, hes never in the spot light, on the other hand bush is alwaqys doing something that makes him look dumb wether he pronounces something wrong or another dumb statement comes out his mouth about the iraq war.

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  • Cheney stays out of the limelight

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Cheney is the devious wizard pulling levers behind the curtain.

    Fortunately he hasn't accidentally shot Toto or the cowardly lion yet.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Cheney should be running for Prez, not McCain.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    bush is the president.

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