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New discrimination law coming soon, who else is happy??

I am 344 pounds and happy about the new law I believe is here already. Media says I can't be happy strangers say I shouldn't be happy. But its my life. I am not ugly for my size either. I have blond hair, and grey eyes, and a smile to die over. But yet am treated badly. Even in studies now people such as blacks are Hispanics and asians are being treated better and racisim will soon be very very low then it was last year.......but hearing this you would think people my size would get better treatment! Am 25 years old and not one guy has asked me out before....ok maybe very very very old man but am too young for them...but anyway am glad this law will be really out because managers can lose their jobs, people can be fined and so on for treating another human badly : )

who else is happy about this law?


what did you just say? My fatness? You need to re word your answer. And number two I didn't ask to be fat

Update 2:

what did you just say? My fatness? You need to re word your answer. And number two I didn't ask to be fat

Update 3:

The Mrs. People like you can just drop died...I know what your saying...sounds like you are jealous eh?

Update 4:

The Mrs you are actting as if you need protection...from what??? Very cute though

Update 5:

Food companies need to be healthier

Update 6:

Plus size women go to hooters so why not?

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    You're a troll because the Americans with Disabilities Act has already been interpreted to cover discrimination based on body size. No state in the union would consider passing something to supercede that. Or are you talking about a country other than the US?

    There are plenty of websites for plus-size dating. Perhaps the chubby-chasers don't like your attitude.

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    Actually I wasn't aware of a new discrimination law. I'll have to look it up.

    I don't think a person should be discriminated against on the job for any reason. They should only be judged on their professionalism, how hard they work, and how good they are at what they do.

    That being said... I know a lot of girls who are heavy and are very pretty. Those girls don't get asked out on dates very much because despite their pretty face, guys are shallow and don't want to see heavy girls naked. It's not nice, but it's the truth. You have to be somewhat attracted to a person, otherwise a relationship won't work.

    If you're happy with your size, good for you. Your happiness is all that really matters. What I hate is people who are very overweight and are miserable, they complain about not getting dates and about their clothes not fitting, but they don't do anything about it.

    I have hypothyroidism, so a few years ago I started gaining weight like crazy. I gained 70 pounds in a year and nothing I did helped. When I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism I got on medication and thought the weight would just drop off. It didn't. I had to work my butt off - I didn't just diet, I had to change my lifestyle. I had to change my eating habits, start exercising regularly, and I'm not going to lie, it was hard. But, I managed to lose 55 pounds in a year. I'm pregnant now, but after I have the baby I plan on losing my baby weight and then another 20 pounds. Or... that's what I hope for anyway. ;o)

    My point is, if I can do it, anyone can. Growing up I was naturally thin - I could eat what I wanted to and not exercise at all, and I never gained an ounce. It was very difficult for me to change out of my old habits. I did learn a lot from all of it, though. I used to be thin, guys hit on me all the time, and I took it for granted. Then all of a sudden, one day I was fat. Guys didn't even look at me, and I noticed people giving me funny looks if I went to a buffet. I remember the first time a guy hit on me again after losing all that weight. It was the best feeling.... my self confidence shot up so much right there.

    Sorry, that was probably more info than you wanted, but I feel so strongly about this subject because I've been on both sides. It's good that there will be a law in place that keeps overweight people from being discriminated against, but at the same time, the overweight people need to stop blaming everyone else for their unhappiness, because the power to change is in them, not in everyone else.

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    So the new discrimination law would be in regards to obesity? I am not over weight and I am not a toothpick. I do see that individuals who are either of the previously mentioned can have a hard time. My concern is two things; 1. It is very unhealthy to be that weight and at 344 lbs I just hope you are above 5'8" and see a doctor to ensure there are no complications, and 2. Please don't sue fast food companies they are not to blame, and don't let them take away super-sizing because a few people make bad food choices.


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    I am assuming that you are a troll. But just in case...

    How are fat people being discriminated against? If you are talking about having to buy 2 plane tickets. I say of course you should have to. I didn't spend good money on my seat to share half of it with you! And of course nobody asked you're a slob! That's like me bathing in cow dung, putting on a speedo and going to a club. I'm sure many women will be just dying to meet me. Unless you are one of the very few people who have an actual disorder that makes you fat, your size is a choice you made. If you want people to treat you well, try not grossing them out.

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    People can be really mean , i guess stupid to!! Some people can not loose weight because of a disease, and again stupid if they have never heard of the meaning of family traits. And no you fat haters I'm not overweight just understand basic heath issues. But these new laws are getting crazy like the no smoking, when half the ones for it have smoked in their lifetime and just do not want the craving sitting right by them .

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    Forget about the discrimination, lower your weight or you're going to die of a heart attack.

    You can change your weight if you try too, they can't turn white, they where born from other races, and thy will not die because of it.

    I don't have anything against big people, but your size is against you, if you don't lower it, you're gonna face serious medical consequences.

    Good, they are going to promote equality......but you still should lower your weight.

    No is not to blame, you just need t eat less.

    Fast food sucks, but it is everyone's decision to eat it....

    Good luck

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    As long as they make one for me I'm on board.

    EDIT- Well that made it pretty easy to spot the troll.

    EDIT- Discrimination just like overweight people. Just because you are healthy, white, male or straight doesn't mean you aren't discriminated against or ridiculed...just as you are doing now. Discrimination is wrong by all forms. There should be no laws binding it.

    You are right, food companies need to be healthier, but sadly most of their interest is not your health, but your money. You need to have a concern for your own health. Only you can do that.

    Source(s): 100lbs.
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    I believe no one should be excluded from being hired for a job they're qualified to do, but I can't understand y a woman would want to weigh as much as a sofa.

    R we going to see fat girls in hooters outfits?

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    good god woman! 344 pounds? You weigh 130 pounds more than i, and i'm 6'4.

    Christ, go to the gym or something, otherwise your gonna die at age 32 of a heart attack

    "you didn't ask to be fat"? What? unless you have a glandular imbalance causing uncontrolled weight gain, it is entirely your fault that your overweight. so dont give me "i didn't ask to be fat"

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    For people with conditions (metabolic syndrome etc) that cause them to be overweight there is clearly no reason to punish them twice.

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