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Repair a Broken Friendship?

I haven't spoken to my friend for over a month and I'm really worried that I may never see him again. He's going off to ( a local) college. This summer we were suppose to hang out but he couldn't make up his mind if he wanted to still. Instead he would ask weird questions about if I wanted to cuddle or what I would do if I saw him in the shower. I kept asking why? and he just said I freak out to much and dropped me as a friend. I called and apologized. He said we were cool but he sounded distant. I finally told him that I didn't want to bring anymore drama and he finally told me goodbye. I've been so upset because I really wanted to keep our friendship and continue talking to him. But idk how to do that because he told me goodbye...I really miss him and I have no idea if hes doing alright or anything. Please help

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    i think if he is really a good friend of yours he wouldn't do that at the first place and second thing, why he ask you to cuddle with him and what would you do if u saw him in the shower? meaning there he has a hidden feeling for you like a lust, same he like to have sex with you. use your commonsense, if he is really a good friend he won't leave you in the middle of nowhere. drop him girl! he is not a true friend.

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