How do I get rid of all the websites that pile up in my internet explorer address box?

When I click on the down arrow at the right of the address box, many of the websites I've been to show up, and apparently are there forever! When I highlight one trying to delete it, it just goes to that website.

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  • C-bug
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    1 decade ago
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    clean up (delete) your cookies, temp files and temporary internet files. I prefer to use Ccleaner (available at to do this, rather than the built-in DISK CLEANUP. If you want to use Disk Cleanup, you can find it if you:

    - Double-Click on My Computer to open it up

    - RIGHT-click on your C: drive

    - Choose PROPERTIES and then click on the DISK CLEANUP button

    - When done, reboot your computer.

    Delete these files daily or run Ccleaner every day right before you shut your computer down.


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