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Baby Names?

ok, im 5 months prego and idont know what i should name my kid. i have one boy name and one girl name.

boy- Wesley Adam

girl- Holly Jane

if you like those please comment and make some suggestins!!

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    for a boy, i love the name jacoby :)

    and for a girl i love Janet Elaine or Sarah Anne or even Nancy Bebe

    i like wesley adam a lot but maybe you should change holly jane. its just my opinion but its totally up to you :) good luck

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    I like Adam but not Wesley, and Holly but not Jane. Try these for middle names:

    Holly Marie

    Holly Noelle

    Holly Elise

    Holly Elaine

    Adam Nicholas

    Adam Anthony

    Adam Nathaniel

    Adam Cody

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    I love Wesley for a boy, don't like Adam much though sorry might be because every Adam I know are drop-kicks.

    I love Holly Jane. I would spell it Hollie Jayne.

    Other names are;


    Tyler James

    Aaron Patrick

    Landon Nicholas

    Jayden Preston

    Dante Michael

    Ethan Myles

    Mason Ryan

    Cooper William


    Ashlynn Nicole

    Kassidy Louise

    Briana Jayde

    Emilia Grace

    Paige Maddison

    Marissa Jean

    Charlotte Rose

    Mia Elizabeth

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    Destiny Claire

    Riley Paige

    Havannah Christine

    Ava Michelle

    Aaliyah Kate

    Selena Marie

    Zoraida Makayla

    Gavin Cole

    Thomas Jordan

    Adrain Ryan

    Noah DeShawn

    Patrick Lucas

    Devin Hunter

    Christian Blake

    Matthew Logan

    Adam Grayson

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    What is the last name going to be???

    I like Wesley Adam...strong and unique

    I love Holly...but not quite Holly Jane....maybe Holly Marie??

    Good names though and Good Luck!!

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    Wesley Adam is so cute. Holly is ok, but I dont like the middle name Jane unless its a family name.

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    I really like Wesley's a little different. I'm not sure about Holly though. Some of the names I was going to name my child if he were a girl were:

    Nicole Lenn (Lenn is named after my Uncle who died more than 20 yrs. ago)

    Anna Marie

    Carol Ann

    Amanda Lynn

    Boy names I liked:


    Wayne (Wayne is my dads' name) only for a middle name


    Jacob...middle name




    My sons' name is Nicholas Johnathan

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    Those are really good names! I especially like Holly Jane, very pretty.

    I also like Wesley Jonathan, and Holly Marie, but I think I like your choices better!

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    Holly Jane is very pretty and you dont hear it that much.

    Wesley Adam isnt that great sounding but if you turn it around to Adam Wesley it sounds better. but i like them.

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    Wesley Adam is a fine name

    I like Weston better, a bit stronger, but not my child

    Love Holly Jane

    I think the names you have are prefect, if you love them

    They are fine names

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