Other Computer keeps restarting & blue spyware screen?

A blue spyware warning screen had popped up on my desktop. So i downloaded an anti spyware program and something happened with that saying that i need to restart my computer because there was an error with it. So i did restart it then from there it kept on restarting? And had another blue screen. What could be causing this???

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    You have spyware/malware, not a virus. You have probably downloaded a rogue anti-spyware program which infects your computer further rather than remove infections. It is only too common..... The lesson to be learned here is "don't download anti-spyware programs from the internet unless an computer expert tells you exactly what to download". (I am such an expert -- I spend my days cleaning off infections).

    Since your computer probably has a ton of infections you don't know about, here is my standard cleaning procedure:

    NOTE: on badly infected computers, you may have to install and run the scans from safe mode. Some programs will be actively disabled or damaged by the infections. When this happens, just pick another cleaning program until you find one which isn't knocked out. Then reboot and try some of the others. Lather, rinse and repeat until you have a clean system.

    Visit http://www.majorgeeks.com/

    Download, install and run the following:

    (drive cleaner)


    ccleaner slim (removes junk and temp files so that the scans have fewer files to look through)

    (anti-virus) Pick one, some infections disable cleaning programs, so try another until you can start removing the infections.

    Dr Web Cure it




    If your wallpaper has been changed (and you can't change it back).


    (anti-spyware) (This first group will detect and remove the worst infections. The 2nd group will clean up the stragglers).


    Malwarebytes Rouge Remover

    Malwarebytes anti-malware


    spyware doctor starter edition

    ad-aware 2008

    spybot search and destroy


    AVG anti-spyware

    Download and run combofix


    Once you get the infections cleaned off, you have to repair the damage.

    Download, install and run



    Go through everything. This will fix a bunch of things that infections love to break. If you still have problems, (parts of windows is broken) you need to do an Windows repair install.

    Good luck


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    it's most likely a smithfraud trojan !

    now the question is which one

    can you take a screen print and post it , these things can be a pain in the backside to remove and if not done correctly will leave yo having to reformat , most spyware removers will not work ,

    edit: anyone who tells you this is a virus has no idea what they are talking about , it's not a virus it's a TROJAN / MALWARE and will not be deleted by a antivirus program

    i 100% promise you that

    feel free to contact me via yahoo messenger if you need more help

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    5 years ago

    Emachines has been known to use faulty hardware to lower prices. I had an emachines for 5 years though before my power supply just stoped working, if you bought the computer a month ago you are probably still under warranty so you can probably send it in to have some hardware replaced

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    you downloaded an adware virus. no real virus protector on the internet can detect your computer without a scan. so when you downloaded thier program you really downloaded a adware virus.

    goto http://www.download.com/Ad-Aware-2008/3000-8022_4-...

    use this program. great anti adware program.

    not the full version but should get rid of that adware virus you downloaded

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    you now have a virus. use this. http://free.avg.com/ww.download-avg-anti-virus-fre...

    it will scan and remove your virus for free. its a great little program.

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