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Can an off duty cop follow you until you stop pull out his badge and say that he is going to mail you a ticket

I passed a car in a right turn lane, he pulled next to me and I gave me this thumbs up sign. I got behind him and later passed him. He then rode my butt for 1/2 a mile, I braked he still did it. I turned into a neighborhood and he followed me for about 10 min. I got stuck and he pulled up next to me and threw out his badge saying that he is going to put my ticket in the mail. I drove off he kept following me and then left. My question is can he really send me a ticket? He was off duty with his family in there personal car. The car is in my husbands name.

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    I doubt that this was really a police officer.

    It was probably someone impersonating a police officer or possibly a private security guard flashing an official looking badge at you.

    If this was a real police officer he would have called his dispatcher and asked him or her to send an on duty office in uniform to your location.

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    Officers are licensed by the state they live in. That means that regardless of which agency they work for they have full police jurisdiction in the entire state. Also since a police officer is an "on-call" job, the officers have full police powers at any time, on-duty or not.

    So, to answer the question, yes, you could get a ticket in the mail. While not recommended to do, it can be done, as long as the officer was able to identify the driver of the vehicle. It sounds like he was able to get a good look at your face, which can easily be compared to your driver's license picture, which he could figure out from looking at your husband's record.

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    Most cops are on a power trip, what you described doesn't surprise me. It's really too bad they don't go after criminals, no money in it lol!!!

    A friend of mine got pulled over by the cops and the cop checked her cell phone and phone numbers on it!!! Then he asked her out on a date. His ego was so big and his mind so warped, he probably didn't think he was doing anything wrong.

    So she filed a complaint, and of course nothing was done about. He still works for the police force, probably terrorizing some other poor woman.

    Police should be given more power to fight crime and less power to screw with tax-paying citizens. This will never happen, they would lose too much revenue!

    If you get a ticket in the mail, I would fight it! File a complaint and tell them you will go to the media, newspaper, write your congressman or lawsuit or all of the above!!!

    If he chased you down with his family in the car he is a nut-job and needs counselling!!!!

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    That does not make sense. How could her badge get her a better field for her team? Did she claim she had a reservation and used her badge as a trump card? Complain to her boss or at least ask her boss what is going on. Police officers are only supposed to use their badges as ID or as a way to enforce the law, not for personal use in getting a better field for her soccer team.

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    Yes cops are always considered on duty kind of like doctors. So if he got your information dont be surprised to find a ticket in your mail a week from now.

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    In New zealand if a cop feels that your driving in a hazardous style but he is off duty he will usually report it to the nearest patrol car which is 1 every 2 kms. their cars are pretty fast leading edge holdens. so it depends how bad your driving is, your chances increase. beware of holdens in red or black color without alloys. if u spark a doubt in their mind you end up being stopped within couple of minutes. if u are not stopped then its fine you wont get a ticket. the redlights are wired with cameras so if u jump one u end up in a picture with rego number of your car and an infringement notice in mail in a weeks time with 30 days to pay.

    Source(s): driving in nz for last 5 years
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    Can he do it? Yes, it is legal as a cop is considered on duty at all times. If he sees a law violation he can act on it.

    Do they normally do it? No, traffic violations, with the exception of DWI, are not worth an officers time to mess with when off duty. There are so many violations out there they would be stopping every other car. There must be more to this.

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    A police officer is NEVER off duty. They are to protect the citizens and uphold all the laws and make sure they are enforced 24/7.

    So, to answer your question, yes, he can do it. Do they normally do it, not really.

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    Never heard of such a thing...He may not have been even a should have gotten a name and filed a complaint about his tailgating..sounds like he used his authority to scare you because he didn't like getting passed up.

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    I suppose he could send you a ticket... but he did not have you sign the promise to appear nor does he know who was driving. I personally wouldnt bother, especially if my family was in the car with me. You never know what kind of wacko you might do that to, just doesnt sound safe to me. For all you know he could have been a security officer. I wouldnt worry bout it but is sounds kind of creepy.

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