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my computer is not working right.. i cant press certain buttons or watch videos on youtube...any ideas?

my Yahoo! mail also doesnt come up right...this strted happening about a week ago and i dont know what to do! i already tried restoring it but it wont even let me do that!

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    Are your PC problems only happening online with websites? Is it also happening when using programs on your PC? If it is only happening online it maybe a problem with the network. You can try repiring the internet connection in the network center in Windows to solve the problem, or connact your Internet Service Provider. If it's a problem happening even on programs on your pc you can try power on your system and enter safe mode by pressing F8 on bootup. This loads the default drivers and if your pc works fine then its a conflict with a driver or another program that doesn't work. Maybe defrag the hard drive by right click the C: in my computer and click tools and defrag, run a program that cleans temporarly files and other files that are not needed, use a virus program to scan for virues. If that doesn't work it could maybe be memory problem such as not enough RAM.

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    Turn off web accelerator, if you have one - it may be conflicting with youtube.


    probably network traffic is high, or something..

    these will help you...

    1. Use Opera browser, it will load faster and smoother, and re-install latest flash (the correct way).

    get the latest flash player, and install it.. make sure all the browsers are NOT running during installation...


    2. It could be due to slow connection or high traffic.

    Try watching it during off peak hours, the video will be smoother.

    Or you could watch it offline smoothly... try using 'zillatube' .

    It works well - Just google search "zillatube" to get it.


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