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is it hard to swim in the deep?

ok so tottaly i need help. i signed up for this swimming lessons and i am in level 5. we r supposed to swim 50 metres!! from shallow to deep. and i panic in the deep and i lose my breath and everything. like when i was swimming in the deep i took my head out for breath and then my legs started sinking and i almost drowned but i caught hold of the rope. so i need help on what to do? or whats an excuse to get out of swimming lessons? a beleivable one.

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    well i c your problem i use to b scared to until recently, it was a while since ive been swimming, and i really forgot how to swim, but i tried my best and it worked, but then it came time for me to challenge my fear. i went to the deep end and i hung on the side for a little while then i just let go and swam from the deep end to the shallow end and i was so amazed at myself. u can do the same if u just let go of your fear

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    To make excuses should be the last thing on your mind, as it is so essential for every person to master swimming, as young as possible, as quickly as possible.

    With the right attitude, you will find swimming a pleasure, a great hobby throughout life. Important thing is to confide in your coach or teacher, so that he can watch out for you to ensure greater safety, or modify the lessons to accomodate your problems.

    Your sinking means that your arm and leg movements are not accurate; you may be executing them too fast, and becoming breathless. This will give you continual phobia with each lesson. So i would strongly advise you to gather up some courage and request the coach to CORRECT your arm strokes and kicks first, before going for distance swims. Speak to your teachers too about your concerns. Cheers!!!

    Source(s): Fr-lance swim coach--16yrs.
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    I had a terrible time with swim lessons when I was like.... 5. I had to suck it up though.

    For an excuse, try "Mommy, please don't make me do it!"

    Seriously now, the key to swimming is just to remain calm. If you feel like you're going to sink, just relax your body and try to turn on your back and float for a second. You'll be amazed how much that helps. I assume you know some arm and leg motions. Just keep running those through your head. Concentrate and Relax.

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    relax buddy. No excuse that u ned there. Just simply tell your coach.

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