on yahoo messenger how do i get cam on and not my tv card?


thanx but that link didn't wrk to me nowheres....Neb

Update 2:

thanx i'll try that i usally know how these things wrk but on here mayb i'll have to redownload it i have 9.0 but thanx......Neb

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    older version

    the new yahoo look out

    left click start go to ((control panel)) left click

    control panel

    this is your control panel views

    ((((num1))) if you have classic view left click programs and features left click to open>>>>left click yahoo to unistall


    (((num2))) if you have the Control Panel Home under

    program left click ((uninstall a program)) delete yahoo there

    now go back to start left click ((( search )))

    type in yahoo delete all yahoo files there

    restart your pc

    go to((( www.old version of yahoo messenger download.com))))

  • 1 decade ago


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