Reccomend Some Good Movies?

I have been expanding my DVD library lately and I am looking for some good movies to purchase. The thing is, I am looking for some that don't have a bunch of nudity/sex and don't have a lot of language. I don't care if they have the occasional f-bomb or if they are rated "R"(about %75 of my movie collection is), I just don't like a lot of language. And violence dosen't bother me. And please don't turn this into some kind of debate or anything. I am just looking for some good movies that would fit my taste.

I was looking at Equilibrium. Would this fall under my specifications? I am a big Christian Bale fan. What are some other ones? List away.


Ok, let me add, I mostly like action/war/drama type movies. And no kid/family movies. Nothing against them, they are just not my thing. On one of your lists, I saw stuff like Heat, shawshank, etc. Don't those either have a lot of language or nudity?

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    I don't watch a lot of films with a lot of laguage, and very few with nudity. I can name a range of films that everyone can enjoy.

    Léon, Seven, The Green Mile, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly", Goodfellas, The Shawshank Redemption, The Godfather, Pan's Labyrinth, Raiders Of The Lost Ark, The Usual Suspects, Reservoir Dogs, The Silence Of The Lambs, Fargo, Taxi Driver, Apocalypse Now, American Beauty, Full Metal Jacket, The Last Of The Mohicans, The Deer Hunter, Heat, Ronin, Jackie Brown, Pulp Fiction, Casino, The Pianist, 2001: A Space Oddysee, There Will Be Blood, Raging Bull, Letters From Iwo Jima, Planet Of The Apes, Batman Begins, Blade Runner, Unforgiven, Gladiator, Die Hard, Spartacus, Platoon, V For Vendetta, Children Of Men, Thelma and Loiuse, Fight Club and One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.

    A few of these have quite a bit of language (mainly Goodfellas) but none have any nudity, none that I can remember anyway. I usually hate nudity in movies.

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    12 Angry Men (1957) - drama

    12 Monkeys - drama/action

    Aliens - action

    Apocalypse Now - war

    Cape Fear (1991) - drama

    Casablanca - drama

    Chinatown - drama

    The Day of the Jackal - action/drama

    Die Hard - action

    The Dirty Dozen - war

    Duel - action/drama

    Escape From New York - action

    A Few Good Men - drama

    The Flight of the Phoenix (1965) - drama

    The Great Escape - war

    The Guns of Navarone - war

    In the Heat of the Night - drama

    Kelly's Heroes - war

    Lawrence of Arabia - war/drama

    Miller's Crossing - drama

    The Odessa File - action/drama

    Patton - war

    Planet of the Apes (1968) - action

    Raiders of the Lost Ark - action

    The Road Warrior - action

    Romancing the Stone - action

    Runaway Train - action/drama

    Three Days of the Condor - drama

    To Kill a Mockingbird - drama

    Twelve O'Clock High - war

    Von Ryan's Express - war

    Where Eagles Dare - war


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    I second the movie Memento! It's great but you'll have to follow along closely. Also, there is a French movie called With a Friend Like Harry. It has subtitles but it's a great thriller. The Bourne Identity and Supremacy are great action thrillers too.

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    Night of the Hunter


    Battle Royale

    The Machinist


    The Professionals

    Seven Samurai/ The Magnificent Seven--both are brilliant.

    Tora! Tora! Tora!

    Dog Soldiers--a fair bit of profanity, most of it British slang, but very good.

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    the good the bad and the ugly

    raging bull

    taxi driver

    fist full of dollars

    once upon a time in the west

    the warriors

    i like westerns haha and classics i dont kno if you like em or if you already own these but you should

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    Best movie I have ever seen: P.S I love you staring hilary swank and gerard butler. Rated pg-13 and is worth every single penny

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    V for Vendetta, masterpiece

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    i just bought, transformers, the ant bully, arthur and the invinsibles, august rush, and no reservations. all really good at least i think so lol

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