Hard HeartBeat?

My best friend has been having this problem i know for about 3 months. He will lay down to sleep and his heart will beat HARD, not fast but hard. He says Sometimes he has breathing problems, i figured its from strees or a panic attack, he has a very stressful home life.

At One pointhe would drink Red Bull and would have a hard time breathing and he arm would go numb at times. He will not go to sleep just basicly he passes out. Hes one of my best friend but the red bull thing sounds like a heart attack. Im not a DR or even have a PHD. But this sounds serious but his parents wont do Crap about it. Help Please.

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    1 decade ago
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    Those beats are either premature atrial contractions or premature ventricular contractions (so called 'extra systoles').

    They're usually benign so don't worry, but set up to get a 24 hour Holter moniter just to be sure.

  • 1 decade ago

    your friend is under stress and drinking will not stop what is

    going through i do not know his age... the only way out is for him

    is to know that his lift is only one and he have only one body

    he must know that his lift is given to him by a higher power

    and he must receive the good that will come his way but he must be award of it ....drink only wine when when your sick

    a little at a time it is more safe than the ...bull...not cheap wine

    john w

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