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Need answer from both male and female perspective?

Ladies if a guy that you really like asks you for your number would you tell him no just to see how persistent he would be?

and if you have done this before did the guy ask again or did you have to give your number to him the next time you see him wihout him asking for it?

and guys if someone you really like decline in giving you her number when you asked, what would you think about her , and also would you ask her again?

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    He ask again and again.

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    I'm a guy. I don't know what the social customs are for pre-teens nowadays, but I'm in my 30s, and if a woman turns me down, I have to assume she really means it. "No means no" and all that good stuff. This is particularly true if you are dating in the workplace -- "persistence" is setting yourself up to get sued for sexual harrassment.

    Besides that, I don't like the mind games. They're immature. So if somebody wants to just screw around and play mind games on me right on the get go... well she's probably not the one for me. You want to know how much I'm into (or not into) you? If I'm not making it obvious already, then just ask.

    Lastly, do you have any idea what kind of guts it takes to hit up some girl you really fancy? I think you're doing these guys a real disservice by shooting them down when you don't even mean it.

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    I'd basically forget it. Either it means that she doesn't like you, or she's playing games. I hate it when girls play mind games. I'd pretty much forget about her. I mean, I'd think about her and how she wouldn't give me her number but I would think less of her, especially if I thought that she liked me. I wouldn't ask for her number again, unless it was a long time later and if things were going really really well. It would be really hard for me to ask her for her number again. If you're thinking of doing that, then don't. If you already did that, I suggest you talk to the guy soon and give him your number. Even if you do that, there's no guarantee that he'll want to talk to you. That's what I think.

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    hey girl, that has happened to me many times. what i do is tell them that if its meant to be as far as us hookin up then we will meet again but the fact that u just out n about and a guy asks for ur number.. no i wouldnt give it to him. theres too many crazy guys out there and u cant trust there intentions. theres a way to politely shoot them down without being rude and leading them on to think that they have a remote chance in hell in landing a date with u. sum guys think that when we decline giving them our number that we are rude and stuck up or we think we the bomb but thats not it at all. uin this day and age u gotta be a good judge of character and a first impression means alot. u gotta be good at reading sumone too, let it flow girl if u get a weird not so sure vibe from a guy then keep it movin the other direction.. that one right fella will come along when u least expect it. thats how it always happens. good luck!!!

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    If I say no to a number asking then it means I am 100% not interested in him. I would not give it to him if he asked again and I certainly woulnd't volunteer my number to him later. If I really like someone and they asked me for my number I would be excited and give it out without hesutation. The only other posssiblity is that if I did like the guy and not give it to him it is because I am talking to someone else or I already have a boyfriend.

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    Some females do this cause they want to see if you are really interested are just playin how many numbers can i get today. I personally don't do that. I give my phone number to a man verbally i tel him not to write it down or put it in his cell sidekick whatever. then i continure to talk to him if he remebers my number then he can call me if not then in my mind he wasn't really pressed to get to know me. oh the games we play while dating. and i know right then and there if i want to give a man my number. I once asked a man i icould give him my number we are just friends never ended up being anything but it was a nerve racking experience i know what men go through now so when i do get approached i am not rude or stand offish great question though

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    if I liked someone and they asked me for my number I would definitely give it to him! it takes a lot of nerve to ask in the first place and being shot down is a major ego drain and might prevent them from asking again! anyone who wants to play those kind of games in relationships is getting off on the wrong foot. lasting and meaningful relationships are all about commitment and compromise! not seeing what kind of reaction you can get out of the other just for the fun of it! if this is posted by a need to think about your motives if this was posted by a need to find a new girl!

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    Usually, I will only ask a girl once for her number. However, there has been one time that I recall asking a girl for her number a second time. Don't remember the outcome. I will persue if I truely think the relationship has potential, and that takes a lot.

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    I gave them the number right away, but if they didn't call and I ran into them again and they acted like they wanted to see me again, I would say no....if she declines...wait a month or so and ask again, if she refuses again, move on, she's just not that into you.

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    If a girl doesn't give you her number the first time you ask her, then she's quite frankly probably just not interested. If a girl is interested in a guy, she will not hesitate to give you her number--trust me. So, in this case, it's best to just let it go, and move on. Best of luck. :)

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    I would give him my number the first time cause saying no just to see how persistant he is is juveline.

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