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I have Fios tv, and i have some of the HD movie channels?

I never see the black lines on any of the movies which indicated that it's shown in it's letterbox version. Is this because there is no need for it because it has a higher resoluation? Or is there still a need for letterbox movies on a HD channel.

And why is it sometimes that when u are watching a local channel, and it shows a smaller screen, with two boarders on each side of the show, Does this mean this tv show is not shot in HD?

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    There are several possibilites depending on your programming, satellite vs. cable, but most likely its the resolution being sent.

    TVs are preset for certain options like a 4:3 ratio or a 16:9 ratio. These are the two most common. Depending on your tv you can adjust this ratio, my tv for instance has 4 settings. There is a button on my remote called pix res., which means pixel resolution. If I don't like how much black is showing on the sides I press the button till I like the option. So, it is still HD if its an HD station, its just the settings on the tv. If you can't find anything yourself google your tv online and either get a manual, a technician for the company, or something along those lines.


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