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Girls need advice again does she like me still? (repost)?

long story short i have this rel bad crush on this girl, she was in my class last semester and i think she liked me too coz she always stare at me and look away when i look at her, park her car near me, and smile at me outside class ect.. But i was too nervous to talk to her so i ignored her and every time i tried my throat got dried.i did talk to her once last day of class jut a quick question about class she was smiling the whole time and had a high pitch voice. but schools been out for 3mo's now and last week she came to my work and i was stocking some shelves she saw me came to like 6feet from me and picked up a hair clipper looked at it looked at me twice quick put it back and left didn't smile or nay thing. and i still like her but she makes me nervous and i'm not nervous around girls i can't get her off my head and i tried hooking with other girls but dint work

that couple of second she was there i had a stomach ache so most likely i will talk to her through face book but fir

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    Dude,you seriously dumb...then you say youre not shy for girls.ugh.when she came to your work its obvious that she wanted you to talk to her,but when she saw youre doing nothing she left.dissapointed.its obvious that this girl likes you,but with the time and stuff things might have changed.but who knows man,just try your luck and see what happens!

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