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Weird ovulation kit results. What does it mean?

My husband and I are TTC. We haven't been trying long (only a week). I have been testing with an ovulation kit for a few weeks now (always negative). This morning it looked positive (kind of hard to tell--the line faded a bit, like half a line). I tested again tonight and the control line looked weird for the first time since I started testing a few weeks ago. It is usually very solid and fairly dark. This time, it looked lighter and faded in and out in different spots. There is no "test" line at all, unlike this morning. I considered it a "dud", waited a few hours and retested (twice now). Same thing every time. What do you think this means?

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    well i had the same thing happen to me... i got one positive the whole time i tried using the ovulation tests.. the thing is with those is that it's hard to find the EXACT time u r ovulating! because some people ovulate for one hour some people ovulate for six hours so it depends! hope u get the results your looking for!

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    shop utilising testing and utilising the OPK. a brilliant style of the line or the finished line must be as dark or darker than the administration. you will understand its a good once you notice it. every time I actually are starting to be a good the try line turns bright purple in the previous the administration even shows up. maximum persons dont ovulate till the 14th day or so of their cycle. I ovulate later (around the 20CD) shop utilising them. you will understand while its a good. stable good fortune!

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