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My son is 4 yrs old. I want to enrolled him in an activity. Except swimming he's afraid of water and his dad thinks swimming is a bad idea. Can you guys give me ideas of what activities I can enrolled him in. Serious answer please.

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    Actually, swimming might be a GOOD idea because it could help him overcome his fear of the water. Also, swimming is just a good skill to know for safety reasons.

    That aside, how about t-ball? The fall season is about to start, so contact your local rec center or whoever does such activities in your community now. My children started playing baseball several years ago, and I never knew how exciting kiddie baseball could be! T-ball is absolutely hilarious at times, and it is always nice to watch your child learn new things. Our t-ball league does not keep score or anything, it just basically introduces them to the concept of the game.

    If he likes music, then a Kindermusic program might be good.

    Karate is a good physical activity, but it is also good for teaching self discipline, respect and other traits that are good.

    The best thing to do would be to find out what is available in your area, and ask them about a free trial before you enroll. Most activities allow you to do that, and you could see what he would enjoy the most.

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    Maybe you should enroll him in swimming. If he is afraid then lessons can help ease the fear. I doubt he would just grow out of it if you didn't do lessons. Make sure you go to people who can work with young children and someone who has patience! I will prob. sign my daughter up when she is 2. They now even have baby "swimming" classes. It's something to concider. He will prob. thank you in the long run.

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    Given his fear of water I would be inclined to choose swimming as the activity. At this age the lessons should be fun and will help him overcome his fear. Otherwise I would listen to your child’s opinion - what does he like doing is he creative ? Does he like soccer ? Why not give him a choice of 3 you approve of and ask him to decide. If he is involved in the decision he is much more likely be excited to go and participate.

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    gymnastics....seriously...or i think they have karate for smaller about tee ball or something?

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