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New GM?????????

pick one








if u pick other plz say who u think it will be!


also i read on MANY spoiler websites its gonna be flair

Update 2:

srry it cant be Steph she just gave birth congrads my cuz by marrage HHH

Update 3:

srry it cant be Steph she just gave birth congrads my cuz by marrage HHH

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    Out of your choices ...... FLAIR Wooooooooooooooo !

    My thoughts


    Brett Heart

    Ric Flair


    Bischoff ( come on folks ! HE is the reason to watch WWE )

    Stone cold ( needs some Whop @ss in the ring )

  • whomever it is, i surely hope they entertaining and worth making RAW a better place, regal is coming back as a wrestler, he really wasen't that good of a GM, flair would be nice,jim duggin i doubt it, shane dosen't really like to be on tv for a long period of time, so i don't think shane will be it, since he will probarly annouce who it is same with the rest of the McMahon family, personally i don't know who can it be, my choices are Ric Flair or Val Venis

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    I'd like to see Flair, Shane or Step get the position for now. I really want to see Flait get the GM position though.

    Source(s): Monday Night Raw 7-21-08 saw the beginning of a Cena vs Batista fued!!!!
  • chris7
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    7..Other - Eric Bischoff or Matt Stryker

    It obviously won't be Steph, she just gave birth this afternoon.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I say Flair

  • 1 decade ago

    Flair! is my first choice.

    Val Venus is my second lol

    Eric Bischoff is my third

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    WOOOOOOO!! Ric Flair, i hate 2 say this but i think they will make a math soo the winner will be general mannager i think, or that badguy of JBL( i hate him) soo Cena will be out of Raw and move to SM! again.. or mavy ECW (idk why ECW) but w/e. Or mavy Vicky gerrero will idk take control of half of wwe... that will suck. If william regal comes that wiilll suck more you know!!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    val venus

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i like alot of them. i would pick shane. (!!!!breaking news stephanie mcmahon gives birth to her second child!!!!)

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