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good name for anime character?

my friend and I are planning to make our own anime (oddly we're not japanese lol). she and i are starting off with our characters. i like what i have in mind for my character, i just need a good last name. i see him as a bad-*** warrior with 2 katanas and a bow and arrows. and his first name is Semaj... so any good ideas for a last name?

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    How about 'Kotaru' for his last name! ^^

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    How about Kato,miogui,watanabe,gato,or why not have his last name be katana. Hope this helps,good luck with your anime.=)

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    what about kyosaki,chudai,ryusuke,fumito,zauko,jakiyo,saiku

    man i hope these work for you

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    o-ta-rue pick ur own spelling

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