when is the next time the moon will be taurus?

and the time after that and that and that?

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    1 decade ago
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    Hi :D The moon was actually just in taurus not so long ago...maybe a day or so back. The moon is in gemini now (the sign after taurus.) The moon should be back in Taurus again in an estimated 25 days or so. The moon is one of the fastest moving 'planets' through the signs it moves about every 2.5 days through each sign. From there on you can ball park the days in which it will be in Taurus.....if you want an exact time & day etc etc just go to the main page of <www.astro.com>.....they have a day by day chart that shows you all the planetary positions..... (Do make sure you know the symbols of each sign...like taurus is a circle with horns & the symbol of the moon looks like the classic half circle..... so just look for that in the little chart they show it should be the second sign down from the sun.....etc etc) I hope that helped you out!...... :D :D :D

    Source(s): Oh, and lets say it 'was' in taurus right now...just started....it would be back there in about 30 days or so....think of it like the moons cycle & the astrological cycle mixed together....other positions varie & take long or shorter times than the moon etc etc. =D
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