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IS counter strike scource a hard game to get into for a new pc gamer?

Ok I got a laptop and with every shooter game I bought (Halo 2 and Gears of war PC) I had to use a controller. But is CS:S a hard game to learn or will I get my butt kicked all the time. Agian I'm new to pc gaming,

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    Get Team Fortress 2, its by the same people ,and uses the source engine, bloody great fun, and has achivments, I'd say CS:S is a bit 'technical', but still has agood online community,but does have quite afew cheaters, i havent seen any in TF2.

    if you get it , maybe get it as part fo orange box then you get Half-Life 2 (and its episodes) and Portal as well. all the gmaes have extremly high ratings, and a pretty good ( portal is brilliant, i wasnt so keen on HL2, but its still cool)

    p.s if your usnsure keep an eye on the steam website for the random "TF2 weekends" where they let you try it for free on that weekend.

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