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Itchy burning vagina and burning during urination.?

I have noticed for the past 3 day I have had a itchy burning vagina and burning during urination. I looked at my vagina to see if I have cottage cheese like discharge and I dont. What could be causing this it is driving me crazy.... I also notice every time I am gunna start my period I get vaginal itching but during/after my period it goes away. As far as the burning in the vagina an during urination I'm totally confused. I do take BC and I have been taking the same BC for a year but I'd say the last 3 periods I've had the itching. So tell me what can this be?


I have been with the same guy for 2 years I am his first girlfriend... his first everything. He was my first and plus we just started have sex 2 weeks ago.

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    this could be a yeast may be burning from you rubbing on it.or you may have unknowingly scratched may have atract infection or possibly an std.would be a good idea to go to the doctor to have him diagnose it.if it a yeast infection at least you will know what it is the next time it happens.or you could try a yeast infection cream and see if it helps.they have 1 day treatments now.hope i helped

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    Sounds like a yeast infection. You can get Vagisil for it at the drugstore. They also have new kits out from Vagisil I think that tells you exactly what type of infection you have so you can treat it properly. You can also get that at the drugstore.

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    It could be Herpes or HPV. Please go to the doctor and have it checked. You may need a prescription. I hate to say it but STD's are sneaky little ba**ard*! Please get it checked. Your body is the only one you have got. good Luck.

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    you probably have a urinary tract infection or a bladder/kidney infection. mine burns when i get a bladder infection...

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  • maybe a UTI...

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