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Is there a way to get my '69 camaro appraised online?

I tried kelly blue book online and they only give values from 1989 on. Are there any other sites like kelly blue book for classic cars?

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    The NADA does offer a free on-line version. Just go to and select the correct guide. It wouldn't really be considered an appraisal. It is an estimate. An appraisal is more accurate in that someone (a trained appraiser) actually goes over the entire vehicle to determine it's worth for insurance purposes and such.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    There aren't any vintage car sites online, no. Kelley does sell a version for old cars, but they don't offer that free online. Edmunds might go back further, I'm not sure.

    You may need to buy a "gold book", "Old Car Price Guide magazine or "CPI Guide" (Cars of Particular Interest). (or look in one of these at a good book store)

    But the easiest way to find out what your '69 Camaro is worth is to go to Hemmings online and see what other people are asking for their '69 Camaros.

    (Just for the record, you're going to be very happy, that is THE classic year for Camaros) Although I'd rather have a '67..


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