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My friends are....?

First, some background info: I am about a month from my 17th brithday, I am overweight, and going into my Senior Year of HS.

In June school ended... My friends and I had a pool party the day after school ended, and then about a month later we went bowling. I've seen 3 of my friends since that... but I havent talked to any of the others. My bff isn't talking to me at all, normally she calls me when her and her bf have a fight or something, well they had a fight last week and she didnt tell me. One of our other friends told me... I have felt sooo bad this summer, I got laid off from my job and then got another one... I have just been so depresse cuz none of my friends wanna hang out... should I suggest a get-together or what... none of us have very much money... and there are only two of us with our licenses... me and one other girl... plz help me!!!


Please help!!!

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    I've been having friend troubles too no worries! I reccomend a slumber party. I know its childish but you'll spend time with each other having fun laughing, and talking. Or a nice trip to the mall to take pics and laugh and talk. You dont need to spend money just walk around look and try on cute stuff!

    Hope this helps. I'm trying to get together with some of my friends that seem to be changing soo much.

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    ask them to go to hang at someone's house or a local place you guys can walk to

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