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Members of my worship team sing off key!?

I'm the worship leader, I have a good ear for arrangement and sound. But the members of my team? Yep, it's about as bad as you can imagine. How do I approach this? I have already gone to the pastor, he told me to pray for God to anoint the tone-deaf people's voices. (I think they just don't want to hurt people's feelings.) But it's EXTREMELY distracting during worship. There are only two other "good" voices on the team, which makes it very hard to carry sound and quality, especially when the off key singers are attempting to back you up. I don't know how else to approach it. I suggested scrapping the whole team and auditioning everybody but that idea was shot down also. Recently the worst singer's daughter joined the team. To me, she snaked her way in. We have never had auditions for the praise team since we have had one and I know people get scared of change. But we are supposed to be pursuing excellence here and I want to start SOMEWHERE.


Let me add that I never said their worship was unaccepted by "my" God or even that it wasn't accepted by me. The awesome thing is, they have the greates hearts I've known. IF we were secular, there would be no question and bad singing wouldn't be allowed in the group. We have a greater purpose, to usher in the presence of God. And as I said, congregation members HAVE mentioned the distraction. And to whoever said it, yes, we are to be kind to everyone as Christians. But we can't be foolish. Love at times begets rebuke and I believe it's an area that can be corrected. Even God said that if He didn't love us, He wouldn't correct us.

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    It is true that the scriptures encourage us to make a joyful noise unto the Lord. That doesn't mean it has to be something that is hard for the congregation to listen to. As the worship leader, it is your job to coordinate that joyful noise. Look, it is not a sin to point out to the offending members of the praise team that they are singing off-key. Perhaps they don't even know it. A couple of suggestions:

    It is very likely that they are not even aware that they are not singing on key. As a subtle way to point this out to them, record the praise team performance, or a rehearsal and get the members together to view/listen to it to critique it. Even let the off-key singers do solos so that it is clearer as to what is really going on. Perhaps this will be enough to get them to either bow out, or work on improving their range.

    Singing off-key is something that can be corrected with a coach. Why not seek out a coach for this purpose? Sometimes it is simply a matter of making better choices as to what and where they can best contribute. Find their range and build your arrangements around what they can sing.

    Some churches have multiple praise teams that alternate weeks. If your church already does this, then split the poorer singers onto each of the teams to lessen their effect. If your church doesn't do this, suggest it as a means of getting more talent involved, and make sure you are involved in the auditions.

    Either way, you are not in the wrong to point out that the members of your praise team are not living up to the minimum requirements of the job. There are many ways of worshipping God on Sundays. Perhaps theirs is taking care of infants in the nursery (something there is always a need for)

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    I have to disagree with a lot of this because Ps 33:3 says Sing unto the Lord a new song, play loudly with expertise (I think I spelled that right) that loosely means that you should have some sort of talent and you should be good at what you do. I have been a Minister of Music for over 40 yrs and if I had a person that could not carry a tune in a bucket, I directed them to other ministries in the church. As for singing they could sing off key from the pews with the rest of the congregation. Don't get me wrong I know that everyone needs to sing praise to the Lord and that is why there are Hymn books in the pews and we have congregational songs.

    Praise teams should be comprised of your best vocalist out of the choir since these people are closely miked. Yes we are a Christian to accepting and forgiving however everyone was not given the same gifts, and if sining is not one of your gifts then it is more merciful and forgiving to be told so rather than be laughed at from the congregation. Everyone must remember that everyone inside the church building is not saved!

    Now as far as giving vocal lessons most church musicians do not have the time to do so especially if they are responsible for the music for several groups in the church, nor would there be any point in sending them to a vocal coach or instructor because they will have to audition for them to even see if the instructor will accept them as a student.

    I do not know why everyone seems to think that is fine to give the world the best musician, and vocalist and as far as God is concerned well he can have what is left. God deserves our best and that means our best musicians, vocalist, and directors

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    I'm a Minister of Music for 8 years at my last church.

    Well 8 years this Sunday coming up.

    Last year my church gave me a CAR....

    Totally unexpected.

    The tag say's SOWREAP

    I've been directing choirs since I was around 15, 16, and 17.

    Through it all ....

    You have to remember that GOD doesn't hear the voices.

    HE hears the hearts and the hearts only.

    Man can hear the voice but very seldom hear the heart of a person.

    I suggest ....

    Working privately with the awful singers with the pure hearts seperately. It's a bad thing to discourage people.

    The worst thing on the face of this earth is REJECTION.

    No one wants to be REJECTED.

    It will be hard at first. Get them to hit one not at a time.

    Start with middle C or octave higher or lower.

    Depending on what note you can get them to hit faster.

    Once you get them to a point that they can hit that note at any time .... then move slowly to rising and falling tones.

    Like C C C C D# C C C C B

    Try half tones first.

    Then try whole tones.

    Like C C C C D C C C Bflat

    Which ever they can hit first.

    Then go from there ...

    Be very sensitive .... as sensitive as you can to the ones who sound awful to you. I don't think they would purposely sabotage the Praise & Worship Team.

    Scrapping the whole thing is SABOTAGE ... he he he

    not meant to be an insult .... If you need any more help on this just ask ... I would be glad to help in anyway I can .... Even help you with the training ...

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    I once went to a little country church where the only key the choir knew was the one that unlocked the front door. The closest analogy I can think of to describe their singing is a live peacock and a handful of ball bearings tossed into a Cuisinart at high speed.

    But the Lord loved those dear, sweet, tone-deaf, sincere worshippers, and you could feel the Holy Spirit moving through that church every time that they sang. Maybe you should ask God to give all your worship team the desire to worship Him with all their hearts. It may not improve their singing, but if their "joyful noise" pleases Him, that's all that matters.


    Excellence to God and excellence to man are seldom the same thing, I've found. But if the problem is really that bad, maybe you could offer some singing lessons to those in need of them.

    Failing that, buy everyone a small personal microphone. . .and turn theirs off. :-)

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    Is your voice trained? Since you are the leader of your group, I would say that if you were to organize them according to the tone of their voice and try and teach them how to sing on key would be good. Think about it, praying together is a very intimate thing, if you can pray with them, you could definitely help them learn to sing and on key. I will pray it all works out.

    God Bless

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    yes, you really should be having auditions... your worship team could be at its best with members with a God-given gift of singing. As the worship group you lead the worship and try to sound good while keeping praising God at the motive for the group. Push for auditions. :)

    but i do agree with those who answered above, glorifying God doesn't have levels of talent, you just do it from your heart and that's the best sound God can hear :)

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    Tape them and play it back while their eyes are closed.

    Mind you, there was this nun once (very beautiful woman, tall, willowy, blonde....*sighs*) *slaps self* Anyway, she told us once that she was singing with the mentally handicapped , and this one guy with Down's Syndrome threw her off all the time with his toneless (very loud) voice, which she had right in her ear because he was that close to her.

    She had to let go of perfection.

    It was a great story.

    Take 'em through the arpeggios like you were a dictator.

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    God, tells you to Praise him, that means on key, off key. praise his name. It might bother you, just asked the lord to help you, to deal with, Because they are doing what he wants, they don't need the prayer. When your singing to him, that is so personal to me as a christian, nothing should be on your mind but him. Pray to strengthen your relationship with God, Because he's telling my spirit that truly that's your detraction. Don't forget why your the workship leader, your true job is to make sure everyone is workshipping him, God doesn't pick or judge who does it better. Just WORKSHIP HIM. Have a blessed day! Stay in courage, don't forget what church is about, no one is perfect, he loves us despite all differences and flaws.

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    Making a joyful noise does not necessarily mean to sing beautifully. Ask God to give you the grace to hear with your heart rather than your ears, so that you will be able to serve with these people in a joyful way. God bless.

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